How to Change from Text Message to iMessage

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How to Change from Text Message to iMessage

Don’t be worried If you’re iMessage is stuck with text messages, just try these solutions!

Sometimes , when iMessage encounters an issue it will ask you to send the message via SMS instead. Perhaps you didn’t have an internet connection, either short-term or long-term or otherwise, and opted to use SMS instead.

In the ideal scenario, iOS only sends the messages in SMS for as long as it isn’t able to send iMessage and then switches back when it is able to. However, the issue lies in the fact that it keeps you with messages that are text even when you’ve got the internet connection you’ve always had. Perhaps the issue is that it’s presenting only one contact, or it could be that iMessage isn’t functioning in any way. Whatever the reason it’s good to know that you’re not alone. This issue is common and there’s a simple solution to correct this.

If you prefer to just enable iMessage Learn how to enable iMessage here.

Send a Photo or Attachment in the Chat

The first thing to do if you’re stuck with messages via text (especially for only one individual) should be to email a picture or other attachment to the contact. It generally refreshes iMessage and then snaps it back to action. If the message isn’t delivering in any way, you can move onto other solutions.

Restart iMessage

Perhaps iMessage was shut off or a files got damaged. Restarting iMessage in the settings will solve the issue and get back to messages in text to iMessage in the shortest amount of time.

Stop the Messages app by using the switcher for apps. Swipe left and then left to open the an app switcher on iPhones with no home button. For iPhones that have the home button, double-press on the home button in order to launch the switcher for apps. After that, swipe upwards in the Messages app to shut it down completely.

Open the Settings app, and scroll down until you see the option ‘Messages and tap to open it.

If, for some reason, you notice that the toggle to iMessage has not working, you’ve identified the problem! Simply enable it and you’ll be ready to go. If it’s on switch off the switch for iMessage.

Take a couple of minutes and then enable the switch to iMessage again.

NOTE: You should be connected to your cellular data or Wi-Fi in order to enable iMessage. In addition, you must be capable of sending messages to the Apple servers. Also, you must have SMS credits or message sending capabilities on your plan.

iMessage will be activated within a couple of seconds.

Start the Messages app once more and send a message to the person you had the issue with. Instead open the message in conversations, click the button ‘New message’ located in the upper-right corner.

After that, enter the contact information in the ‘To’ field , and then send the message.

If you choose the contact of their choice, it will be displayed in blue rather than green, if this fix is successful. However, you should still forward the email to verify. It should be sent in the form of an iMessage.

Force to restart your phone.

If restarting iMessage did not work Try forcing restarting your iPhone. Use these instructions to force-restart your iPhone:

  • iPhones 8and above: Plus as well as X models and higher: For iPhone 8, 8 Plus and all models that are above iPhone X, i.e, those that don’t have the home button, swiftly hold and then release the volume up button. After that, press and release the volume down button the same way. Then, hold the Sleep/Wake button until are able to see the Apple logo appear on the screen. If you do get the ‘Slide To Power Off’ option, do not release the Sleep or Wake button.
  • iPhone 7 as well as 7 Plus: Hold the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button together till the Apple logo appears. This will start the restart of your iPhone. Do not click the “Slide to Power Off’ option when it is displayed.
  • iPhone 6S & previous models: Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons in a row until Apple logo is displayed on screen.

After your iPhone is up and running, open the Messages app , and send a message to one of your contacts on iMessage. Create a new conversation by messaging them , instead of restarting the chat that was previously started with this fix as well. The messages will appear in blue bubbles, rather than green.

Delete the Conversation Thread

If you’re having a conversation that is stuck on text messages, and none of the solutions above have worked, this could be the last chance. However, before you attempt this, be sure to inquire with the other party if they have iMessage enabled. iMessage can be a dual communication and it’s possible that this is not the issue (or something you can fix from your side). We’ve seen this happen often.

If they do, however, have iMessage enabled then remove the conversation thread showing messages in text.

Browse through the threads of conversation in the Messages app. Find the conversation in the list. After that move left from the right side in the conversation. A few options will be displayed. Click Delete to erase all conversations.

An confirmation message will be displayed. Click Delete to confirm.

Start an entirely new dialogue with them. The conversation should begin with the iMessage conversation.

IMessage not working properly can be an issue. However, luckily, you can solve this issue in a short time. If the issue continues to persist you need to get in touch with Apple Support.