How to Change City in Clock Widget on iPhone Lock Screen

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How to Change City in Clock Widget on iPhone Lock Screen

You can keep track of any additional time zones on the lock screen of iOS 16!

In iOS 16 you can add widgets to the Lock Screen to customize it to your liking. There is also a clock widget can be placed onto the Lock Screen to follow a different timezone. It’s a lot more convenient as opposed to opening the app ‘Clock’ and checking it.

If you’re wondering how to make the widget show the timezone of the city you’d like to see Don’t worry. It’s easy.

You can alter the City’s settings at a moment’s notice right on your Lock Screen. Begin by pressing and holding onto the Lock Screen to bring up the screen selection. When it is displayed you can tap the button ‘Customize’ to continue.

Then, tap the preview of the Lock Screen located on the left.

Then, tap on the widget bar that contains the widget ‘Clock.

If you don’t already have the Clock widget it, first you need to add it in order to change the city. Click on the Clock widget in the pane of widgets to include it on the lock screen. If the Clock widget is already installed on your screen, you can skip the next two steps and proceed to change the city.

You can choose to have an analog or digital clock for one city.

It is also possible to use an World Clock widget to view the time of several cities within a single widget. The city can be changed for any type of clock widgets.

To alter the location of your city click on the “Clock” widget to continue. This will open an overlay window onto your screen.

From your overlay, you can either move down the scroll bar to find the exact location, or search the bar at the top.

After the city is identified, tap the name of the city from the list. The city will then be changed by the widget ‘Clock.

The World Clock widget, you can select three cities to display in the widget. Click the widget to switch any city or cities within the World Clock.

After that, tap every city until you select a new cities from an overlay, in the same way like before.

Then, press the ‘X’ button in the overlay pane in order to continue.

After that, press the button ‘Done’ at the top of the screen to save and confirm the modifications. And you’re done!

If your daily routine requires you tracking a different timezone and keeping the correct timezone in the Lock Screen can save you an enormous amount of time just to look up the time.