How to Bold Text in iMessage

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How to Bold Text in iMessage

iMessage is a clever trick to send text messages with bold text.

Messaging is an easy and enjoyable way to reach out to your close and beloved ones. But, you aren’t able to transmit text in format using native messaging apps. Not even iMessage allows text formatting to a specific phrase within the body of your message.

There is an alternative to this and it is to use the subject field in your iMessage to get around the limitation. But, the limitations of this method are twofold: you are only able to send it to contacts that can communicate and accept iMessage as well as two you are only able to bold the subject line in the field, and not change anything within the body of the message.

However that making the text bold in the message can be useful in a variety of circumstances. Let’s begin.

Switch on the ‘Subject’ Field in the Settings app.

The process of turning on the ‘Subject’ field in iMessage is a simple and easy process. Follow the steps given below and you’ll be on your way to success.

To do this, open the app ‘Settings’ on the home screen or in the app library on your phone.

Then, find and tap on the tile ‘Messages’ from the screen ‘Settings.

Then you can scroll down until you find the “Show Subject Field” option under the section ‘SMS/MMS. After that, switch the next switch to the ON position.

Then, open the app ‘Messages’ on the home screen or the app library on your device.

Open a chat head to whom you can exchange and receive iMessages, because normal text messages don’t allow text formatting.

After that, you’ll be able to view the subject field within the box for messages. The text you enter into the field will be highlighted in bold.

You’re done The process is easy and easy. You can now ensure that nobody misses the most important point of your message using bold fonts for your text.