How to Block Spam Group Text Messages on iPhone

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How to Block Spam Group Text Messages on iPhone

Don’t let annoying spam messages from groups for the rest of your life.

Receiving calls and messages from spammers is enough to be a problem; it’s a fact we’ve accepted. However, being added to an unintentional text message group is an entirely different level of pain. If we are included in a group chat with family and friends that doesn’t cease to buzz, the majority of us find it irritating. However, these are those we have in common and we have to accept it.

If you add other users to the mix it’s the most terrifying experience to endure. Yet, this is the reality that millions of people are experiencing. After the robocalls, robotexts have become commonplace. When you are in a chat room with a group of 20 or more strangers who are receiving messages whose primary goal is to swindle you. Being bombarded with the aforementioned spam messages is annoying to say the least. These can be dangerous in the event that you decide to click the link and releasing the personal information they want to obtain from you. However, you’ll discover that there’s no easy way to escape these. What’s the reason?

There are two kinds of chat groups you can join on your iPhone such as iMessage groups and group chats using text messages. If it’s an iMessage-based group that has 3 or more members, then leaving it is a piece cake. However, that’s not the case for groups that use text messages; you’ll discover that there’s no way to exit the group. Do you really need to endure these annoying messages from the group? Absolutely not. Here are some suggestions you could do instead.

Do not respond to messages.

Before you take any action it is important to mention the most obvious point be cautious and never respond to emails from spammers. The majority of spam messages contain an embedded link that tries get you to believe that they are handing the bank or card information or other personal information that is sensitive. Do not click on the link if you think that it is an attempt to send spam.

You can leave the Group If it’s an iMessage group.

If, by some chance you discover that the group of spam has been added is actually an iMessage group you can quit it. Start the chat in the group and then tap the “People” icon on the right.

Scroll down, then select ‘Leave this Conversation at the end.

An confirmation message will be displayed. Tap “Leave this Conversation” once more to confirm.

Hide the Alerts

It’s possible that you won’t be able to quit or stop the conversation however, you can ensure that it doesn’t disrupt you. Hiding the alerts basically means placing the conversation on DND and, if there’s a new message posted to your group you will not be notified.

Start the Messages app and scroll down to the conversation you wish to muffle. Swipe left over the conversation, then tap the “Bell” icon.

Tap and hold the thread of conversation until a couple of options are displayed below. Select the ‘Hide Alerts’ option.

You can also start the conversation by tapping the People icon on the top. After that, you can activate the toggle to hide Alerts’.

Use the Spam Filter

iPhone comes with built-in spam filtering to block message from unidentified senders. If you turn it on and turn it off, you will not receive notifications about messages from people who aren’t part of your contacts. iPhone will sort messages of unknown senders into separate folders.

If you turn on spam filtering to block unknown senders, you won’t be able to access any links the message may contain until you either include them in your contact list or respond on the email.

NOTE: Enabling the spam filter may result in you missing out on messages coming from banks or service that aren’t spam , but aren’t in your contact list.

To turn on spam filtering, start to the Settings app. Scroll down, and select “Messages”.

Scroll down in the message settings and then tap ‘Unknown and Spam’.

After that, you can select the option ‘Filter Unknown Senders’..

Choose ‘SMS filter’ in order to further classify the SMS messages that are based on the device’s learning into lists, such as Promotions and Transactions. SMS Filter is activated by default for users from Brazil as well as India.

NOTE: If you respond to an MMS or SMS from an unidentified sender 3 times, or add them to your contacts and receive messages from them, they are not filtered into the category of unknown.

Block the Numbers

This may not be the most effective method, because spammers seldom make use of the same numbers. However, you are able to block the numbers that initiated the chat group in the beginning. While you’ll still get messages from other participants in the chat group You can also block the numbers who are sending most messages. It’s a hassle to block numbers in one go however if you’re concerned about it, it could make sense.

Start the chat in the group and then tap the ‘People’ icons on the top. After that, tap”N People” button to increase the number of participants in the group.

Select the person you wish to stop.

Scroll to the bottom and tap “Block this Caller” to stop them.

An acknowledgement prompt should be displayed. Click ‘Block Contact’ to confirm your decision.

If you block someone you will not receive any calls, messages or FaceTime messages from them.

Block Spam Using Carrier Services

The majority of carriers today provide some kind of service that blocks spam. While the amount of service differs from one carrier to the next however, you can find more details about their services on their websites. The services may be offered for paid or free and others may include only spam calls , while some include spam text messages too.

In nations like the US and the UK Many carriers provide the option of reporting the message as spam by forwarding the message to 7726. One way to remember the number is to make sure it is spelled out “SPAM” on the phone keyboard. Find out if your carrier they are able to support this service, and then you can make a complaint about spammers. Some carriers that support the service are Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Use a Third-Party Spam Blocking Service

There are also third-party applications for blocking or filtering text messages that are spam on your iPhone If you’re not satisfied with any of these methods. However, when you use third-party applications there are some points to be aware of.

If you are using an external filtering service that is a third-party application, it will be able to access all messages you send to unknown senders. This means they’ll be able to read any messages that contain text or other content in MMS and SMS messages. It could also contain the verification code from bank as well as other apps , as well as any other information that could be private. Therefore, prior to using any third-party application to block spam or filter messages via text, make sure that they are reliable and that you are able to be confident in the app.

There are a few options that you can test, such as the Truecaller, RoboKiller and Nomorobo. Some of these apps are cost-free, however they do provide the opportunity to try a trial. You can test the application and decide whether it’s worth spending some money each month.

If you’re using a third-party service to filter your messages it is necessary to choose the option to filter SMS manually. While most apps will help you but here’s what you have to do. Select ‘Messages’ in the Settings app and go to the ‘Unknown and Spam settings for messages. After that, tap the filter in the app to choose it for SMS filtering.

Spam texts, particularly group texts can be an integral part of lives. If you follow these methods will help you keep them in check.