How to Auto Reply in iMessage on iPhone

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How to Auto Reply in iMessage on iPhone

Inform others that you’re working and won’t be able to get back to them when they contact you via iMessage

There are more people who text than they phone these days. When you telephone call, it is possible to send an email to inform them that you’re working, and then return to them in the future. It would be wonderful to have an option for messages, too.

It’s great news! It’s at least good news to iPhone users who use iMessages. You can configure your iPhone to respond to messages when you’re not in the mood and they won’t think that you’re not responding to their messages. It’s actually quite simple and straightforward. The only issue to it is that you will not find it in the settings for messages. This is also one reason why it isn’t noticed by many users.

Sending Auto Replies in iOS 14

If you’re running iOS 14, which is the most recent version that is available it is possible to configure auto-reply to your messages even if the phone’s in DND. However, there’s a catch. Auto-reply will only be effective in DND.

Go to your iPhone settings and then select the option “Do Not Disturb”.

Scroll to the end and then tap the button for “Auto-Reply To”.

You can set up an auto-respond to only your favorites or Recent Contacts or all contacts. Select the option you wish to select.

Go back to the previous screen and select the Auto-Reply option to choose the message you want to send.

iOS already has a default message set in the first place. You can decide to either keep the default message or alter it to suit your needs.

If your phone is on DND and you receive a message from someone and you reply, they’ll receive an auto-reply if they’re in the category you’ve chosen. It is possible to break DND by breaking through Do Not Disturb by sending you a message that reads “Urgent,” and your iPhone will notify you of the message, instead of blocking it.

Sending Auto Replies in iOS 15

With iOS 15, Apple has changed a few things using DND. While iOS 15 will come to the general public in the autumn, the developer’s beta version is out. If, during a period of FOMO, you’ve downloaded it and have been testing to test it, below is the complete details on how to send auto-replies to messages on iOS 15.

In iOS 15, DND can be found as part of an overall mode called Focus. There’s now more than one option available to you to use your phone during your time of work. There’s Work Focus to silent notifications from all other people, but work. Likewise, there’s Personal, Driving, Fitness, etc. Sleep and DND are included in this category as well.

Focus is also equipped with a brand new feature called ‘Share Focus Status’ feature. If this feature is enabled and enabled by default, users are notified of your status whenever they contact you. Also, those who are not in the group you’re allowing notifications to in a certain focus mode will be aware that you’re ignoring your notifications, but not really ignoring the messages of those who message you.

To turn off or enable Focus status completely, go to the iPhone settings and then go to “Focus”.

Tap the menu for ‘Focus Status’..

To send your Focus status to a Message, you need to turn off the switch for “Messages”. This allows the Messages app know your status and share it. It only grants the application access.

Then, switch off the auto-reply feature by turning on the toggle’. When people iMessage you, with Focus turned on, iPhone will notify them that you’ve turned on Focus mode turned on.

You can choose to be notified by tapping the ‘Notify Anyway’ button on their screen.

The message will be delivered over the wall of Focus mode. The recipient will also receive an email stating that they’ve been informed.

You may also opt to disable status sharing for specific Focus modes, while leaving it in place for other modes. Click on the Focus mode you wish to alter the settings for.

Turn off the switch for the ‘Share Focus Status’.

Auto-Replies are an awesome feature of iMessage which prevents any miscommunications that might occur. People won’t believe that you’re ignoring them because you’re busy.