How to Add Charging Animations on your iPhone

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How to Add Charging Animations on your iPhone

Do you want to enviously snoop at Android users with their charging animations? With this iPhone application, you have the opportunity to make them green.

Charging animations have kind of always been part of Android. In fact, iPhone customers have often claimed that they’re better off not having these animations. Although some do believe that way, for others it’s just a matter that’s “sour grapes”.

However, that’s not the case anymore. iOS 14 completely transformed what you can do using your iPhone. One of the biggest and exciting features was a small surprise: an automated charging within Shortcuts.

Now, thanks to the integration of this automated system and a third-party application, you can enjoy animated charging on your iPhone exactly as you’ve always desired.

Adding Charging Animations

To make charging animated videos on the iPhone You must first install the Charging Play application through the App Store. Visit the App Store and search for “Charging Play’.

After that, press the button ‘Get’ to download the app.

Creating the Automation

Then, let the app for a short time and then open the shortcuts app. Click the ‘Automations’ tab at the lower right on the display.

Click the “+” icon at the top-right right-hand corner to start an entirely new automation.

Choose ‘Create Personal Automation on the following screen.

In the list of automated options, scroll down, then tap “Charger”.

The screen to set the New automation will be displayed. When the option “Is Connected” is selected Next, click on the ‘Next’ button..

Click the “Add Action Option.

Actions that can be added into the automated system will be available. Choose the option ‘Apps’.

The list of apps available on your iPhone will be displayed by alphabetical order. Select ‘Charging Play’ from this grid.

The actions available through the application ‘Charging Play opens. There will be only one option available, and which is also in Chinese. You don’t have to be concerned in case you don’t know the meaning. Simply tap the button.

The action will be a component of automation. Tap Next in the upper-right corner.

The next step is the most important. Before you finish the automation, switch off the toggle that says “Ask Before Running’. If the toggle remains in place, the system will ask you for your consent each time you connect the charger prior to running. This could ruin the entire installation.

A confirmation prompt will be displayed in your computer screen. Click ‘Don’t ask’ to disable the toggle.

When the toggle is turned off, press “Done” to save the automated.

Setting the Animation

After the automation has been created and saved, launch Charging Play. Once you’ve saved the automation, open Charging Play app again. After that, select the option to replace animation.

The choices available to set the animation’s parameters will be displayed. Select an option to select it.

Users can also choose any video or photo from their camera roll to be the animation. Click the ‘User Choice option to create an individual animation.

A menu will be displayed at the lower left corner on the display. There are options to customize the animation, such as sound effects and playing back mode (loop or quit after playing) and the display time and the progress. You can also view the animation prior to setting it.

Tips: In ‘Play Mode choose the option to exit after playing or the automatic screen If you’re concerned that the continuously running animation could draw your battery down as it is charged.

After you’ve adjusted all the options, click “Set” to apply it.

If you don’t have the app, it will ask you to either view an advertisement in order in order to access the animated, or get rid of all ads by buying the application. The app will cost $0.99 for unlocking all the advanced features. After you have done one of these the app will play each time you plug in your device.

If you decide to not do either the first animation chosen by default will play.

NOTE: The charging animation is only available in the event that your phone is not locked. The reason for this is quite simple that the app is opened and displays the animation each time the automated process is running. The app will only be opened when the phone is in an unlock state.

The ability to charge animations while charging is no longer something that you cannot do with your iPhone. By using this trick, you’ll be able to create any custom animations that you like.