How to Add Balloons to an iMessage on iPhone

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How to Add Balloons to an iMessage on iPhone

Don’t send boring messages via an iMessage again!

Texting can be enjoyable. However, texting with a lot of balloons is even more fun! We do not mean holding balloons in the palms of your hands while you text. We’re talking about bombarding your friends’ and family members’ iPhone screens with balloons whenever you send them a text!

When you send an iMessage, you can fill up the screen of your recipient with balloons, and other effects that transform even the simplest messages into something extraordinary.

How to Send Balloons Automatically in iMessage

In a brand new or ongoing conversation, type the words “Happy Birthday”and hit send. You can add exclamation marks or emojis within the text but you cannot include any other words to instantly send balloons. If you send a message with only”Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday,”the recipient’s screen will be filled with balloons immediately as they view the email.

How to Add Balloons Manually in iMessage

You can also add balloons , or any other effect you like to any message, but it does not have to be only two words: Happy Birthday.

Write the message into the message box, then press and hold the button to send (the blue Arrow) till an effects Screen appears.

Tap on the screentab to open the full-screen effects menu within the iMessage.

Left-click until you see your BalloonScreen effect, and then click on the button to send.button.

The Screen Effects allow users to send messages using Echo, Spotlight, Confetti, Heart, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting Star, and an effect for celebrations. Simply swipe left and left or right to select effects and then press the button to send. If you do not want to transmit the text using an effect, simply press the’x’ that is located beneath the button to deactivate and then return to the regular screen.