How to Add a Motivation Widget in iOS 14 on your iPhone

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How to Add a Motivation Widget in iOS 14 on your iPhone

Keep yourself motivated with one glance at your Home Screen

Widgets offer a completely new way to utilize your iPhone. By including Widgets on the Home screen you will keep your most important information at a moment’s notice. However, they’re not only useful. Widgets play an important part in completely changing the appearance on your iPhone.

But this isn’t all. There’s a lot more they can offer you. For instance, they can provide you with a every day dose of inspiration. Who doesn’t require a dose of inspiration every now and again? If you’re experiencing an emotional crisis or simply need it to add an ember to the flame that’s already burning within you A motivational quote will go a long way. Now, you are able to keep it on the top on the Home Screen with the help of widgets.

How to Get the Motivation Widget in iPhone

There’s not an inspirational widget within the standard Apple widgets however that’s not a reason to be discouraged. “Motivation – Daily Quotes” is a third-party application that allows you to include a motivational widget on the iPhone home screens. It also has a wide selection of quotes that can meet your preferences, so you’ll never be short of new content. The app is an option to use a freemium model. widgets are included in its free edition.

Visit the App Store and search for Motivation on the search menu. Better yet, click the link below to go to the list of the app in the App Store directly.

Get motivated Widget App

Install the application on your iPhone You’re now ready to go. If you have the app installed on your phone, ensure that you upgrade it to the most recent version, as widgets are new to the app.

How to Add Motivation Widget to the Home Screen

Start the application to your iPhone and then tap the “Get Started” button if you’ve recently installed it. Prior to that, your widget that comes with the app wouldn’t be visible on the gallery of widgets. When you click the button ‘Get Started the widget will become accessible for use.

To include the widget in the app, go into the jiggly mode of your iPhone by holding and tapping the app, widget, or an empty space on the home screen, until you see the content of your screen begin to move. After that, tap the button to add widgets (plus icon) in the upper right corner.

The gallery of widgets will be opened. Locate the widget ‘Motivation’ in the gallery , and then tap on it.

Choose the dimension of the widget to fit your screen. You can choose small, medium, and large size widget. You can swipe left or right across the screen to move between these choices. Once you have decided on what size you want, i.e., when the desired size appears on the screen, click on the “Add Widget Click here to add a widget.

The widget for motivation will show in the Home Screen. You can drag and move it wherever you like.

The default appearance for the quotations is text in black with a white background. It also works with dark mode, too. i.e. in the event that dark mode is turned on the widget will change to white text with the background of black.

However, you can alter how the widget appears and select an alternative theme. Some themes are not compatible in the dark mode however. Apart from the default white theme the black theme also works in using the dark theme. The appearance of the widget is different than that of the white theme.

For Aesthetic Motivation Widget, Use Themes

To alter the theme, launch the app and click on the tab ‘Themes’ in the navigation bar that is located at the lower right.

Choose the latest theme to the application. There are a variety of themes to pick from. Look through the list until you locate the one that you like. However, not all themes are free and you may require a subscription to access certain themes.

The look of the widget is altered according to the chosen theme. The change to the widget is immediately triggered by the change in theme and doesn’t require any additional steps.

Motivational quotes are an excellent method to keep you inspired. With a widget for motivation that you can always find an updated quote available to you. Since the app is constantly updated and provides a fresh quote each and every so often and you don’t need to be concerned about looking for the exact same quotation for all day.