How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number

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How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number

Make use of iMessage using your phone number, not just your Apple ID

iMessage certainly falls as one of the advantages of owning an iPhone. If you were the only one who ruined your group chats by using green bubbles, then we’re betting you’re eager to join with the iMessage train.

The activation of iMessage using your phone number is easy and easy. However, you must ensure that a few things are in place before you can activate it. In the event of a mistake, you could receive you with an “error” or “activation unsuccessful” message.

The prerequisites to activate iMessage using a the phone number

The first thing to do is require an active SIM card with the number you wish to use for iMessage on the phone. In contrast to other instant messaging applications, iMessage does not work using a SIM card isn’t installed in your iPhone.

You should have enough credit or have the ability for sending a text using your mobile. Since iMessage transmits messages to Apple’s servers, additional costs for sending a normal message could be incurred based on the carrier you use. Therefore, it’s recommended to ensure that you are able to send an SMS using your phone number.

Additionally, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network since the process requires internet connectivity.

activating iMessage using a phone number

Go to your iPhone settings and then go to “Messages”.

Turn on the switch for ‘iMessage’. An alert message should appear informing you that your service provider may be charged for sending an SMS. Select OK to continue.

It could take a while for it to be activated.

Then, tap ‘Send and Receive’.

If you are able to see “Use the Apple ID for iMessage’ then tap it and log in with the Apple ID to use it.

Make sure you are in the ‘You may receive iMessages section, the number you use for your mobile is listed as well as the details of your Apple ID.

Now, you can now send and receive iMessages from and to your mobile number.

iMessage allows you to connect with other Apple users. You can access it on all device Apple devices. However, to make it work on your iPhone using your phone number, you must first be able to enable it properly so that it does not show an error. This guide are able to do just this.