FIX: WhatsApp stuck on “Connecting…” on iPhone

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FIX: WhatsApp stuck on "Connecting"¦" on iPhone

Inability to send or receive messages on WhatsApp? or not able to save an image that a person shared on WhatsApp with you? The chances are that you are experiencing connectivity issues with your iPhone or via the WhatsApp application.

If you notice the connecting… status at the top of the screen for WhatsApp chats, you’re likely experiencing an issue with connectivity to the internet with your iPhone. To fix the issue take the steps listed below:

Restart your iPhone

The person you’re experiencing this issue with must reboot your phones. You may either start over or restart the force of your iPhone or force restart it; either option will work perfectly. For a restart of your iPhone follow these steps.

  • for iPhone X and higher models: Press and hold one or both of the Volume buttons or the side button till the power slider is displayed. Slide the slider to turn off the iPhone. When the iPhone is powered off after several seconds, and then hold and press on the button to the left until an Apple logo is displayed on screen.
  • for iPhone SE, 8 and lower models: Press and hold the home button as well as the lock/sleep-awake button (on the side for certain models, and on top for other models). A power slider should show. Release the buttons and then drag the slider. Press then hold down the button to lock to turn the device.

Input your iPhone’s passcode once the iPhone restarts, and then check your iMessage to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

Enable Background App Refresh for WhatsApp

Background app refresh is an amazing feature that lets apps refresh their content while in the background, so that each when you launch them, you don’t need to wait for their content to load and refresh.

To ensure that WhatsApp is able to refresh and connect to the background Go into Settings, General and Background app Refresh. iPhone.

There are all applications that use Background App Refresh here. Scroll down to the end of the list to determine whether Background App Refresh is available on WhatsApp and if it is not. If it is, toggle the toggle switch beside it.

Fix Network Connections

WhatsApp being stuck at ‘Connecting’ …’ indicates that the app is unable for internet connection. It could mean two things: either the problem is on the end of WhatsApp (on the servers) or the internet connectivity.

Find WhatsApp server status. Head over to the Down Detector website to see whether you’re the only person experiencing issues with connection on WhatsApp or if there are a lot of other users experiencing the same problem. If there are a lot people, the issue is with WhatsApp’s end and it’s impossible to solve it.

Start a new WiFi connection. The process of rebooting the WiFi router can resolve any issues that arise between the wireless devices that are connected to your router. switching the WiFi router on or off could be a solution in certain situations.

Toggle Airplane Mode On/Off. If you’re using Cellular Data and WhatsApp is stuck in connecting…, try switching the Airplane Mode On/Off to refresh the connection to your cell phone.

Toggle Cellular Data and WiFi On/Off. Visit the control center in your iPhone and switch WiFi on/off as well as Cellular Data On/Off.

If you’re using an Beta version of iOS and you’re experiencing issues, it could be the source of the issue since beta versions often suffer from connectivity issues with the internet on iPhone.