FIX: Names not Showing up in iMessage

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FIX: Names not Showing up in iMessage

All you need to do is resolve this problem

Our smartphones may have destroyed our memories for good. Except for emergency contacts or two, there aren’t any numbers that we can are able to recall nowadays. This isn’t an issue because our phone will always have the number of any person we need.

Can you imagine the horror when your phone begins showing up numbers suddenly instead of saved contact numbers? What can we do to be able to identify who is calling us? Unfortunately there are some who do not have to think about it. It’s become an issue that is commonplace on Apple devices that plague a lot of users across the world.

For some users the change occurs in a flash For others the issue is triggered through an action like updating to the most recent iOS version or unlogging out of iCloud to mention some. Whatever the cause the issue is similar issue: the iPhone begins to display numerals instead of the names that are displayed for contacts It could be one person, but could be more.

If your phone, too, does not show contact information for messages that are random, know that you’re not alone. The good news is there are some options to help you overcome this issue.

Restart your device

Our mantra is to always begin with the most basic fix! There isn’t any more straightforward solution (one that’s not a scam) that this for your present situation. Close your Messages app completely and also close it off from the background.

Switch the app on by pressing the bottom edge, and then pause at the middle on the display (for phones that do not have the home button) or double-clicking the Home button. After that, swipe up and down the Messages app to shut it down.

Then, reboot the iPhone through shutting the device off and then turning it back on again. Visit your Messages application after restarting it to see whether it resolved the issue. If not then move to the next step in the list until you discover the solution that is working for you.

Slightly Alter One of the Contact Names

The solution might appear as odd at first however it might be just what you’re looking for. Given that it’s an easy solution, it shouldn’t be a bad idea to give it a shot. Check your contacts and then open any of them that are affected by this particular problem; any contact that is one of those affected will work.

After that, you can tap the Edit option’ and change the name a bit. The edit doesn’t need to be a huge edit. Simply add a letter, numeral, symbol or anything you want, then save your contact. Change the name of the contact can sort out “refresh” your contact list. Visit the Messages app and verify that the issue has been resolved. If this resolved the issue you are able to change the name in the event that you wish to.

Check the Country Code

If you’ve saved international numbers in your contacts, and they are the only ones with this problem, make sure there is the right country code for your saved contacts. In the event that your country’s code is not correct the phone number you’re receiving texts from and the number saved within your contact list will be different. Also, your iPhone won’t show the phone number that matches the name you saved.

Switch off iMessage, then turn it on.

This is pretty straightforward. If the issue is not with iMessage conversations, the cause may be iMessage itself. A reset can set the situation right.

Navigate to the iPhone settings Scroll down, then click on “Messages”.

Turn off the switch for iMessage.

Take a couple of minutes before turning it back on. After you have turned on the toggle, open the Messages app to see if it resolved the issue.

Turn off, then on Short Name Setting

It may seem like an unrelated fix however, it has proved to be a huge help for a lot of users. If you’ve recently left your account and then signed in to iCloud and then logged back in, you should not miss this solution in any way. Even if you didn’t tried it, it’s worth trying.

Start by opening the iPhone settings, then scroll down until you reach Contacts..

In within the Contact settings, select the setting ‘Short Name.

In the Short Name settings, switch off the switch for the ‘Short Name’. While you’re at it, turn off the switch for the ‘Prefer Nicknames’.

Visit the Messages application and check whether this resolved the problem. It should have. Go into your Short Name settings again, and toggles for both choices.

Check that the iCloud Contacts you have are synced

If you have several Apple devices and are experiencing problems with your contacts, it’s likely that your contacts aren’t being synced at any time, or aren’t synced properly to iCloud. This could cause the entire issue of the iPhone having names that aren’t displayed, but only numbers in your messages.

Go to the iPhone Settings and then tap on your name at the top.

Tap the next option for “iCloud”.

Within iCloud settings, check whether the toggle for ‘Contacts On’ is turned active. If not, turn it on. If you’re asked to merge, tap “Merge”.

If it was on switch off the feature. If you see a pop-up informing you that you must keep the contacts you previously synced from your phone or delete them, click the delete from my iPhone option.

Take a couple of minutes, then turn the device back off. When prompted, tap ‘Merge to see whether it has resolved the issue.

Verify that the other contacts are synchronizing

If you have any other third-party account, that are not iCloud-based, you need to make sure that your contacts are synced correctly. Open the Settings on your iPhone and scroll to the section titled “Contacts”.

In the Contact settings, select the Accounts tab.

Tap the option to sign up to connect the account of a third party.

Check that the toggle for “Contacts” is turned on. If it’s already switched off, switch it back on and then turn it back on.

Repeat this process for every account that is third party.

Reset your Network Settings

This solution could provide some help however, be aware that it will also erase all your Wi-Fi passwords. If it’s worth the effort, avoid this option. If it’s not a problem then go to the iPhone settings and select the General option.

Scroll to the close, then tap Reset.

Tap “Reset Network Settings Reset Network Settings’ to reset the network configurations.

One of the solutions mentioned above will resolve the problem and restore the numbers that were lost to your stored contacts. If they don’t then perhaps it’s time to call Apple Support and have a expert assist you.