Best Calendar Widgets for iPhone [iOS 14]

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Best Calendar Widgets for iPhone [iOS 14]

Applications for all kinds of calendar widgets

Home Screen widgets are a new feature in iOS 14, and they’ve been a huge success. With iOS 14 you can organize the appearance of your Today View or Home Screen by putting in different sizes of widgets. With widgets, you can have greater control over the appearance and appearance of the iPhone home Screen.

One of the great features of widgets is the fact that they don’t only have to use the native or stock widgets to display a specific display. There are a myriad of third-party applications popping up on the App Store, providing numerous options for various types of widgets. However, there’s a small negative to this. It can be difficult to select among the many applications that now offer customized widgets in the App Store.

It can become too confusing that you may decide to stop searching for an app completely and stick to your native application. We get it. This is why we’ve put together this list of the top calendar widget applications to help you. You can now choice from the best of the creme of calendar widget applications and avoid the hassle of having to navigate through a myriad of applications.


Ermine is one of the top calendar widget applications available. Even though it can only support two sizes of widgets – medium and small but it’s still awe-inspiring. It does not just display a calendar for the month like many other applications however, it also shows your entire calendar for the month. It also displays information on forthcoming events, meetings, holidays, birthdays, all displayed on your home screen.

It is also totally customizable. You can alter the colors of the background and background that the widget displays. In the Pro version the options for customizing are more extensive. One of the most appealing features of Ermine is its Illustrated Calendar widget with a adorable, fresh illustration each month on the widget! While it’s only available in two widget sizes, you’ll discover that there’s more than two options available to use the widget. It’s definitely worth a try.

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Dawn – Minimal Calendar

Dawn is quite a popular calendar on iOS. It’s minimalist and elegant without sacrificing the functionality. It actually offers many more features than the typical calendar application. It incorporates tasks, events lists as well as reminders, due dates, and other information all in one location which makes it extremely efficient to organize your entire day.

With its iOS 14 widget support, you can use an integrated calendar widget that can manage your entire day on your Homescreen. The widgets available for Dawn remain true to the purpose of the app and offer the most minimalist, clean look. The way you manage your day can’t be more effective or stylish than using the Dawn widget for the app.

There are a lot of options for widgets, too. There is a calendar for the month in all 3 sizes. The largest size that shows calendars for the next two months too. There are widgets that only show your coming events or to-do lists or both together with the calendar in one widget. While you can’t alter the appearance of the widget however, it shouldn’t cause any issues. The minimalist, elegant appearance does not leave much for you to choose from in this space.

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If you like seeing their entire calendar displayed before them in a way that is visually appealing, WidgetCal is the perfect option for those who like to see their calendar in a visual manner. The calendar widget that comes with WidgetCal is essentially an entire page of your planner for the month. It’s WidgetCal calendar widget is able to integrate different lists or sources for events and reminders, for example. and display them all in one screen. You can also apply stickers (emojis that act as stickers within the app) on certain occasions in order to create them visible such as a present for birthdays or an airplane for flights and so on.

It is only compatible with the large-sized widget, however that’s justified since it requires all the space needed to display the happenings throughout the month. It also works to work with Dark mode. Additionally, there’s the added benefit of being able to include the widgets for the previous month and the following month’s calendar, if you wish. If you’re concerned about space, simply put the widgets in iOS 14. In this way, they won’t be a burden on your space, but they’ll always be one swipe away.

It might perhaps not look the best visually appealing you’ve ever laid eyes on. However, for those who need the specific features it provides it’s the best choice available. It’s available for free, however it is possible to upgrade to get rid of the advertisements.

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Widget Calendar

Widget Calendar is another excellent application for an integrated calendar in iOS 14. It is sleek minimalist design but doesn’t sacrifice the functionality. It can display the calendar for the month with scheduled events of the day in front of you. However, it doesn’t work with this calendar widget. There are widgets that can be used to remind you of lists and D-Day (days that remain to an anniversary or event) using the Widget Calendar application.

It can work with the three widget sizes, and it allows you to stack the same size calendar as well as reminder and D-Day widgets to free up the space you have on your display, if you prefer. It also supports dark mode. The app can be purchased for one-time payment of $1.99 through the App Store.

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iOS 14 has made it extremely easy to keep the most crucial information in your phone by using Home Screen widgets. It is possible to add these widgets in the Today View to have a look at them without having to unlock the phone. You can also add them to the Home screen for an instant glance after unlocking your iPhone.

Actually, the majority of us who never paid an attention to the Today View before iOS 14 are only now beginning to realize the value of time-saving widgets. With these Calendar widgets this discovery will be more enjoyable.