All iMessage Effects Words that You Should Know

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All iMessage Effects Words that You Should Know

Make use of these phrases and words to create your iMessage wishes come true!

When iMessage was just a basic platform to send and receive messages via the internet it was a fan popular. It was then that Apple launched and added many amazing options to its service.

The iMessage effects are definitely an element of the Hall of Fame. We are all aware of how to use iMessage effects to any type of message. If you don’t know how, this is a quick guide for you.

All you have to do to send an effect for any message is to press then hold down the send button following writing your message.

Screen effects will appear. Select Screen from the menu on the left. After that, swipe left and left to select the available effects. Press the Send button and send out a message using the effect you have selected.

This is the most basic method you can use effects in your messages. Are you aware of the secret to iMessage effects words? Certain words automatically cause these effects to occur when you transmit messages using them. There’s no need to jump through any additional hurdles to reach this point!

What are these words that stand out? They’re pretty common phrases we use every time. However, the message should not contain these words. Punctuation marks such as exclamation marks or emojis are acceptable. However, you are not allowed to use other words. Here’s a list of words for you to use.

  • Balloon Effect: “Happy Birthday” will trigger an automatic balloon effect. It can also be used with other languages , such as “Feliz Cumpleanos” in Spanish and “Bon Anniversaire” in French.
  • Confetti: “Congratulations,” “Congrats,” “Felicitations,” “Selamat” in Indonesian, “Felicidades” in Spanish.
  • Fireworks: “Happy New Year,” “Happy Diwali,” “Feliz ano nuevo” in Spanish, “Bonne Annee” in French.
  • Lasers: You can send “Pew Pew” to your friends to show them an exciting laser show. Why would anyone need a reason to send lasers to acquaintances after all?
  • Celebration Effect: “Happy Chinese New Year” and “Happy Lunar New Year.”These words are unique. They also make your message’s bubble to red to mark the celebration, something that none of the words above will do. If you apply the Celebration effect manually, it will not turn your message’s bubble to red.

NOTE: Although we’ve included several examples from different languages, that’s not the entire scope of it. It is possible to test transmitting the exact message in different languages, too. The laser effect won’t be able to work with every effect however. For instance laser effects work only when you use “Pew Pew” and not its translations into other languages.

Now that you’ve learned that you should never send boring messages to anyone. Send them with balloons, confetti, or fireworks instead!