7 Ways to Fix Depth Effect Wallpaper Not Working on iPhone Lock Screen

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7 Ways to Fix Depth Effect Wallpaper Not Working on iPhone Lock Screen

Everything you need to be aware of to enable your Depth Effect working on your iPhone’s lock screen wallpaper.

The depth effect of the screen of lock is a great feature of iOS 16, however, recently many users are experiencing issues where it doesn’t seem to be working.

The effect of depth on the lock screen of your iPhone is created by artificial intelligence-powered image processing. Although it is heavily dependent on the capabilities to the components of your hardware on your phone, the feature is completely software-driven and therefore can be easily solved by you.

If you’ve been experiencing the same issue with your iPhone try the solutions that are listed below to fix the issue quickly.

1. Make Sure Your Device Supports Depth Effect

The most important step is to determine whether you own an iPhone that is compatible with the Depth Effect feature. It is possible that your device has received an iOS 16 update, and even so, it could be missing the opportunity to use this feature. This feature is available only on iPhones with the A12 Bionic chips or higher.

Not supported iPhone model: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X.

If you own an approved iPhone but aren’t capable of using the feature, try the steps listed below.

2. Make sure you are using a Depth Effect supported Wallpaper

This feature was specifically designed to work with single objects in a photo (i.e an animal, a person or building). If there are multiple subjects or no subject at all in your photo it is likely that the iPhone is unable to separate it , and will create an effect of depth on the screen of the lock.

To make sure that the wallpaper isn’t the cause test the effect using one of the wallpapers available or snap a photo with your camera, or choose an image you’ve previously taken on your iPhone with just one subject in focus. You can test the effect by making it the lock screen.

3. Make Sure ‘Depth Effect’ is Enabled

If you have already selected a single image for your screen lock, it could be a straightforward issue with that the effect of depth not being turned on in the background. It is usually turned automatically on, but in certain situations it is possible to manually turn it on. It is, however, easy and simple to accomplish this.

Then, hold and tap on the screen of the lock to display the screen for selecting the lock screen. When the screen is displayed then tap the button ‘Customize’ to continue.

Then, tap the ‘Ellipsis’ icon from the right side then press”Depth Effect” option. If enabled it will show an ‘X.

4. Take off any Lock Screen Widgets Hindering by Depth Effect

Another excellent feature of The Depth Effect is lock screen widgets. The screen is equally beautiful and informative when they work together. If the widgets you have on your screen cover the wallpaper in a significant way the device will disable the effect of depth.

To take off the lock screen widgets, simply press and hold the screen of the lock to display the screen selection tool. When the screen is displayed then tap the button ‘Customize’ to move on.

Then, tap the widget tile.

Click on the ‘-‘ icon at the top left of each widget to take it from the screen of the lock.

After all widgets are gone, you should be able observe the effect of depth in the background.

5. Try Repositioning the Wallpaper

Another reason why the depth effect doesn’t function can be due to the fact that your wallpaper mostly obscured by the clock or areas of the widget. To correct this problem it is simply to move the wallpaper on your screen to allow the depth effect to function once more.

To do this, go to the screen for selecting the lock screen by tapping and then holding the lock screen. Then, press the button ‘Customize’ to proceed.

Then Drag the image to the display then tap and hold the screen using two fingers.

For zooming in the image Use the gesture of pinch. Zooming in will increase the size of the wallpaper, so you are able to move it around and better position the image.

After the wallpaper has been adjusted to the correct position, you will be able to see the depth effect is working. Then, click on the button ‘Done’ on the right side to confirm the adjustments.

6. Make Sure You’re Using JPEG File Format

If you have to remove widgets or reposition the wallpaper doesn’t work your way, then the reason may be the wrong file format for the wallpaper. As of the writing of the article iPhone does not support .JPEG file format to allow the depth effect to function.

To verify the format of the image you’re using for the lock screen go into Photos in the Photos app and then open the image.

After that, press the ‘i’ to display information about the image.

You should be able discern the format of the file in the pane of overlays. If the format is different than JPEG or JPEG, you’ll have to locate a different image or convert it directly using your iPhone without the need for any third-party application.

To convert a photo into .JPEG format Open the image you want to convert, then click on the Share button.

Then, click on the Save to Files option to proceed.

Then, search for the place you want to save the file in, and then click on the Save button.

Then, open then the Files application on the device, and browse to the saved image. After that, hold and tap onto it to proceed.

Tap on Quick Actions’ option in the menu overlay.

Then, click on the option to convert images. It will bring another overlay pane onto your screen.

Tap and then choose ‘JPEG’ from the menu.

Then, select the option ‘Original. The image has been converted to JPEG format. JPEG format. The JPEG image at the same place within the Files application.

7. Forcibly restart your iPhone

Force restarts kill the running processes and permits the device to register the system service. This procedure removes any bugs or issues that could have been interfering with critical system processes and/or the system.

To force restart the devices mentioned above simply hold and release ‘Volume up’ button. Also, hold and release the “Volume Down’ key. After that, hold and press the “Side” button until you can see an Apple logo.

Here’s the deal You’re all set, people. If you’ve been experiencing the”depth effect not working” issue with your iPhone You can easily resolve the issue with the methods mentioned above.