How to Go Pause on FaceTime in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

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How to Go Pause on FaceTime in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

It is connected with the new Picture-in-Picture feature in iOS 14

The beta version of the public beta of iOS 14 is out now and those who have signed up for this beta-testing program are now being able to test the latest features that will be available to iOS 14 that’ll be available to everyone at the end of this year.

One of the upcoming features that has caused a lot of buzz within this Apple community is the Picture-in-Picture now coming to the iPhone as well. PiP isn’t a brand concept that is new. Actually, Android phones and even the iPad has been using this feature for a while in the past. If you’re not aware of it, picture-in-picture also known as floating video, keep playing the video even after you exit the application.

How Picture-in-Picture in iOS 14 Changed FaceTime Pause Feature

PiP operates on its own initiative for applications that can support it, such as Netflix, or FaceTime. When you hit the home button, or move your finger up on iPhone X and above, the video plays in a tiny window as you are doing something within other applications.

In the past, when you tried to go back to the Home Screen in a FaceTime call, the other party was able to see ‘Video Paused in their screen instead of the video. With Picture-in-Picture, another person will continue to view your video.

But what happens if you do not want them to and you actually would like your video to stop when you exit to the Home Screen or another application from the FaceTime call, including iOS 14? If Picture-in-Picture is turned on, you won’t be able to stop your video in FaceTime in iOS 14.

How to get FaceTime Pause Back in the App following the iOS 14 Update

If you turn off Picture-in-Picture You can set FaceTime to pause again after you quit the FaceTime application during a continuous conversation using your iPhone.

To turn off Picture-in-Picture, go to your iPhone settings and go to the General settings.

In the menu that is for General settings, click on “Picture in Picture”.

Turn off the switch for “Start PiP Automatically”.

The video will stop playing during FaceTime calls when you hit home or swipe up instead of being able to continue as a floating video as PiP. PiP. However, disabling PiP completely will turn it off for all applications and not only for FaceTime calls So you’ll need be aware of that.

However, since it takes only just a few seconds to achieve this level, it’s not a big issue since you can turn it onor disable it at any time you’d like.