How to Turn Off Passcode on iPhone

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How to Turn Off Passcode on iPhone

There are times when there is a need to disable the passcode feature on your iPhone. For instance, you need someone else to have access to your phone for a short period of time but you don’t want them to share your passcode , or perhaps your phone is the source of music at an event, and is being used by multiple people at the same time. If you’re one of people who have their fingers locked on their password, switching off the passcode in these situations could be the first thought that pops into your head.

But, turning off passcode can put your iPhone at risk of security Therefore, you should do so with caution. Additionally, once the passcode is removed the Touch ID as well as Touch ID will stop working. It is no longer possible to change the password for your Apple ID and the Apple Pay Cards will not be saved for any time in your iPhone. The idea of compromising security, and losing the features that users rely on Apple for could cause you to reconsider your decision.

If you’re determined to turn off the passcode it is easy and simple, and shouldn’t take less than a minute. You’ll need to enter your current passcode in order to remove the feature completely. This additional security feature ensures that nobody else is able to disable the passcode, regardless of whether they manage to locate your iPhone locked. After we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of disabling the passcode we can move on to the procedure.

Turning Off Passcode on iPhone

To disable the passcode, go to iPhone Settings on the main screen.

In iPhone settings Scroll down to look for ‘Touch ID and Passcode Then tap on the option to launch.

Now, you will be required to enter your passcode in order to authenticate and then modify the settings for passcodes.

There is now a section that allows you to alter Touch ID settings, add or remove fingerprints, as well as to disable passcode or alter the passcode. As we want to disable passcode completely click on the ‘Turn Off Passcode’ option.

You’ll then be required to enter your current password to turn off the option. This is the final step, and after the authentication process is completed then you will no longer need entering the password in order to access your iPhone.

When the passcode has been disabled, the choice will be replaced with ‘Turn Passcode On This is a kind of a confirmation to confirm the modification.

After turning the passcode off, you are able to open your phone by pressing the home button or sliding upwards on the screen of your lock. This means that your phone is accessible by anyone who has a access to it. Your data is at risk, which is why it is not advised to turn off your passcode. If you do have to do this due to a reason ensure that you return to the default setting as soon as possible.