How to download Messages from iCloud

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How to download Messages from iCloud

The new Messages in iCloud feature is finally accessible for iOS as well as Mac users running iOS 11.4 and macOS 10.13.5. iOS 11.4 as well as macOS 10.13.5 upgrade. The feature can be enabled through the settings for iCloud in your iOS device, and then through the messages app in your Mac.

What Messages on iCloud do is upload messages from all of your devices to the iCloudand then it syncs them to all of your devices, so you can view the messages from any one of the Apple devices.

If you enable Messages on iCloud it also helps reduce the amount of storage used by messages that you use on either the iPhone and iPad. If you’ve got 2.8 gigabytes of data stored in the Messages app of your iPhone’s storage, following sync with iCloud, the data that is consumed by the local storage could be reduced to just 100 MB.

What if you need to disable the iCloud messages sync feature due to the fact that it’s consuming too much of the iCloud storage? The storage that you can get for free in iCloud is just 5GB. If you regularly utilize the Messages app to send and receiving videos and photos it’s likely that you’ll encounter an storage issue in the form of Messages in the iCloud due to the huge amount of amount of data stored in your Messages app.

How do you download messages from iCloud in the event that you need to turn off the feature in your iOS device. It turns out messages are downloaded automatically to your device once you have disabled messages within iCloud in the iPhone and iPad.

How do I download messages from iCloud

  1. Start the the Settings application on either the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click on your name to access the Apple the ID screen.
  3. Choose iCloud then switch off the switch for messages.
  4. There will be a confirmation dialog that you can tap to to disable and download messages.

That’s it. Your messages will be transferred onto the iPhone or iPad via iCloud. It could take a while when you have a large amount of data stored in the messages in iCloud.