What Does NGL Mean and How to Use it?

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What Does NGL Mean and How to Use it?

Honesty is the best method, and ngl.

If we talk either online or in person there is a chance that we might not necessarily be truthful. This is usually a tactic to protect someone else’s or our own feelings. However, there are instances where we must choose honesty, and, in some cases even brutal honesty. There are a myriad of expressions and slangs that have been used for a long time to signal the kind of honesty we should be displaying.

“To Be Honest” (or TBH) ‘Frankly’ or “Quite honestly”, “Honestly and many more are all signs that what we’re about say is totally, completely truthful. Recently there’s been a new addition to the list of honest sayings that is ‘I’m not going to be lying’, or “Not gonna lie’. The phrase has become a cult favorite and is a little easier to understand with the textual acronym “NGL”.

NGL is a relatively moderately utilized acronym or slang. It is widely used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram however it is not widely recognized for its use as OMG and LOL. But, the slang is being used by other social media platforms and even texting clients.

Honestly, How Long Has it Been Going On?

The words that suggest honesty have been popular for a while now. NGL is the most recent method of claiming that you’re honest about things. The term first made an appearance in Urban Dictionary during the early 2000s (approximately between 2003 between 2003 and 2005). This indicates that even although social media embraced the acronymic slang a little later, it’s been a part of our everyday language for a bit longer.

NGL is one of the rare slangs with basically only one expansion, regardless of its use online. It is a reference to ‘Not Gonna lie It always has meant thatsimilar to its sister slang , ‘TBH’. NGL and TBH have a lot of similarities. They are both in the same category of “honest slangs”. Although one is negative slang term and the other is positive. However, both are the identical thing.

How to Use NGL Online?

Slangs that are acronymic and textual specifically, should be saved for use on textual platforms only. It is not appropriate to use it in public. This is true for all acronyms and initialisms including NGL.

If you’re looking to share a sincere or brutally honest idea or opinion. Use NGL to express your sincerity online. It can be used when you type an entry, caption or even sending an explicit messaging (DM). Because this slang only implies honesty, it is not intended to be used in conjunction with an untruth, so be careful not to dishonestly.

Although the most common method of using NGL is to use it at the start of a genuine sentence, it is also utilized at the end of a sentence too. It is possible to use the slang using all caps NGL and all lowercase letters ‘ngl’ or with an initial capitalized ‘Ngl’. If you want, you can also make use of the acronym in its extended form. Here are some examples of making use of NGL online:

  • Then I truly thought you were ecstatic over the Carnival!

  • I would have had told you sooner. NGL.

  • I really didn’t like it at all I like ngl, HTML0.

  • NGL I was thinking that the last night was a lot of fun! !

  • The shirt is ugly. Not gonna lie.

  • I’ll be honest, she was pretty nasty prior to the unexpected twist of things.

When not to use NGL? Don’t use NGL when you intend to tell a lie. It is completely against the spirit of the slang and the values it represents!


The act of lying is a part of our human dialect. We lie for a variety of motives — large or small, significant or not so significant. Nevertheless, we lie. Despite the stigma attached to it lying isn’t always thought to be morally wrong. In some cases, and on very small-scale issues,lies can help save an issue. For instance, they can make oneself or someone else feel better. It acts as a savings mechanism.

The use of slang words and phrases such as “Not Gonna Lie” and “TBH” create an impression that you’re just innocent but pathologically lying lie-tellers. If not, then why do us need these phrases to prove our honesty? It’s not the situation. Although we’re honest in the conversations we have, most of the times,slangs like NGL and TBH are merely a way to build on the honesty of the conversation to make the additionalhonest judgement. They place the user on a solid foundation.

For instance, the well-known NGL meme is ‘ He had us in the beginning,”ngl”. This is a play on the fact that he did have us, however when we use the word “ngl,” we’re admitting that, in truth that he did have us in the event of any doubts about it.


We have terms like NGL to help us in all situations where we require reliable and relatable exact words for honesty. The phrase that translates to include ‘Not Gonna Lie’ helps make things more clear and honest.

It’s easy to conclude that someone is lying when they speak. However, when they employ words or phrases that convey sincerity, it gives a sense of assurance that they mightbe honest. In addition, it’s an unspoken fact that you should not lie when using NGL!