What Does HMU Mean and How to Use it?

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What Does HMU Mean and How to Use it?

Make use of this new call to connect in any situation.

Through the years over the years, over the years, English language has been through a variety of different phases and stages of development that, at some point they all merged. The word and phrase began to have an ’emotional’ aspect that was distinct from their literal (generally used variant of the term). The world took a meta change at some point, and today, everything has more than one definition.

One of these words is “hit”. The word ‘hit’ has evolved into a myriad of meanings that , at present, only the contextual context can ever tell us the meaning of ‘hit. Without context we’ll never know whether the individual is speaking of physical assault or playing a tune or pouring drinks or flirting, forming an amazing relationship, going to a place, noticing that something is happening, or even being in contact! HMU is just the oneof the many ways that ‘hit can mean and here’s the definition.

What is HMU and When Did it Start?

HMU has several expansions available online. However, the most well-known expansion, and the one the article is about called ‘Hit Me Up’. HMU can also be referred to as “Hook Me Up or “Hold/Hide My Unicorn’ (for reasons) on the internet. Each expansion has its own story however, for the moment it is the general knowledge (in any way that it is) of HMU is HMU, also known as Hit Me Up.

The term was first used in the latter part of the 1900s (between the 1980s and the 90s). Like all slangs that has been used, the term Hit Me Up was first introduced by hip-hop culture. A lot of rappers started using the phrase the phrase “hit me up” in their songs and the term was only getting established in the dictionary of colloquial terms. But, HMU wasn’t popularized just at this point.

In 2009, HMU began to see an increase in online usage. The next year was HMU’s first official and most popular year of use. The hit song Hit Me Up is the most recent and most popular trend on Facebook in the year 2010. The statistics of the platform for the year showed an increase in the use of the term. Although it was around prior to this, it was the first time the online use of the term. In 2010, it wasn’t until, that HMU was recognized as an internet slang.

What Does HMU Mean?

“Hit Me Up” is colloquial way to say “call me”. As there are a variety of variations on the definition of HMU There are a lot of interpretations that is associated with Hit Me Up as well. In addition to “call me” the term is also used to refer to contact or contacting through other methods. It could also mean “text me” or “email me’ (if your professional circle is informal).

Where exactly did this variant of the word “hit” originate? When did the word “hit” begin to mean contact? In reality, the word “hit” is more flexible than the majority of words. It is a word with numerous tangents, so many definitions, and can be used to a myriad of fields that it is normal to be the source of the expression ‘hit me up to be all over the place.

Dissecting ‘Hit Me Up’

“Hit Me Up’ is composed of three components “hit,” “hit me”, and ‘hit me up’. In this case, the word ‘hit’ is not related to its literal physicalside of the word. It refers to contact. The word can hitbut in a non-tangible manner that is more of an empathetic way. It’s like hitting the road. It’s not a literal act however, you’re “catching up’ with the road in a sense. “Hit” in this sense is to contact any person or thing.

“Hit me,” the second phrase of the slang, could appear as a masochistic scream. However, this isn’t the situation. “Hit me” is a phrase that comes from the bad, big and, not forgetting high-end world. The initial layer of figurative meaning behind the expression is to ask for someone to serve you a drink or give you a shot of injectables or drugs, etc.

However, not all people share the same passions, and “hit me” came to be a word without alcohol. “Hit me” is a way of bringing someone into contact with someone, to enter into their the personal space of someone, but also with information. It can be a secure method of asking people to ask questions and inquire, inform you of some thing or somebody or just hang out as well.

“Hit up” is a idiom that forms the basis for the slang phrase ‘hit me up’. The meaning of this phrase is similar to the word ‘hit’. It is a way of contact with an individual or something. It could also refer to traveling or going to a place and gathering at a specific location. The most commonly used variant of the phrase is financial. It is a way of asking for money, financial assistance or credit, and anything else that is related to money.

HMU is was born

The three components of the slang were put in a certain point to refer to everything that the phrase “hit me up” means. The meaning of the slang extends beyond simply making contact with an individual. The meaning behind contact is reflected in this language.

“Hit me up” can be a signal of readiness for an occasion (romantic or not) or a request for updates, or a method of requesting or requesting a connection with someone or something, or as an alternative to say “let me know” or ‘keep me updated’.

In addition, HMU can also be an opportunity to collaborate. If you’re willing to working with anyone or something, you can make use of HMU in informal settings. HMU is a good sign to let the other person to catch up to discuss different issues — professional, personal, or romantic.

HMU on the web

In light of all the things that slang signifies and the various messages it is able to communicate, HMU seems to have an extremely sexually sexyside online. Also, HMU is typically employed to draw attention to the sexuality of the person who is sending it. Sometimes, it’s employed as a rhetorical expression of speech. This is only one aspect of internet slang, and is notthe common understanding of it. However, HMU does have an explicit aspect.

How to Use HMU Online?

HMU can be used in many different contexts that all share one thing — the necessity to communicate. With HMU it is essentially soliciting people to reach you regardless of the method, the reason, or the urgency level.

The acronym informs people that your agency or services are readily available. Sometimes, the service may be provided by someone else and you are the contact point or, more precisely who they should contact to obtain the particular product or service.

Here are some of the most common situations where you can make use of HMU:

Catching up

If you’re contacting a well-known person(s) to meet up while they’re in town then you could make use of HMU. It’s also a good idea to introduce new people within your circle, too. If you have a casual or informal professional relationship you can make use of HMU when you are talking to clients or colleagues to keep up with work. Like, ‘Heyy! HMU while you’re in the location. I’ll be there to meet you or say “Do HMU when you’re in the city! I’m only a phone call away’.

Establishing an existing customer base

Nowadays the majority of business is conducted casually on the internet. With a myriad of small companies (and big, well-established brands) getting more well-known and commercialized on online and on social networks specifically it’s only normal that lots of business conversations are conducted via DMs.

If you’re a service or goods supplier, you can make use of HMU to promote your service or product and asking potential customers to contact you. You can also become a marketer using HMU. As we mentioned at the start of this article, HMU can be used to promote and attract customers to a product or service provider that is not yours.

It is also possible to use HMU when you are the customer, for example, to notify you regarding new inventory, availability of the product or. For instanceyou could say ‘HMU when this necklace is back in stock ‘ HMU when this stunning necklace comes available!’.

For the latest information

In terms of update, HMU is a great tool specifically for this for that purpose. This usage case can be used to informal and personal professional situations. HMU could be a simple code to ask for updates after the slang has been incorporated to the language.

The more frequently you use HMU in your textual conversations, it will be a common knowledge that the slang is referring to updates. For instance, ‘And listen. You can listen to HMU at any time by updating’, or ‘HMU in the event of you have any concerns’.

For more information, click here.

Apart from information on updates, you can use HMU while asking for general/random/specific information that may or may not be independent of another subject matter. This implies that HMU is a good tool to use when soliciting or asking for information that isn’t based on previous information. For instance”Please HMU with stories. Something fresh, this time Please ‘.


This is among the most popular uses of HMU. It is a reference to friendship (sexual romantic, platonic, or romantic). Everyone needs someone at some point, or somewhere. The good news is that HMU can assist you in finding the person online. If you’re seeking an acquaintance, a date or a friend or a professional collaboration etc. You can make use of HMU.

For instance”Hi! I’m currently working with this program (link in the below) and as your experience is similar to mine I was wondering whether we could work together on this project. HMU If there’s something you’re looking for !’If you are satisfied with the way I present it, HMU’.

It is also possible to use HMU to request an favor through the existing relationship. For example, ‘Hi I’m trying to get you to do something. HMU when you’re available ‘.

Emojis That Go Great With HMU

A lot of what we wish to convey is made easier and more effective with Emojis. Sometimes, the emoji game is so powerful that Emojis are beginning to replace words. HMU is also a substitute or joined by a couple of or one emoji.

If you’re looking to give more personality to an ordinary HMU or you’d like to eliminate the text and use emojis instead Here are some alternatives:

Shaka Sign

There’s nothing that resonates with HMU in the same way that it does with the “Call Me Hand” Emoji does. But, the emoji does have an edgy side which is quite noticeable and, sometimes, flirtatious. Therefore, unless the receiver(s) are close to them, the shaka symbol isn’t appropriate. However, if the style of the HMU’s use is sexually explicit, flirty or deliberately inappropriate There’s no substitute for the shaka symbol to go with HMU.

Get Vintage

The gadget that was the inspiration behind the shaka hand gesture -the telephone receiver from the past! If you have a vintage theme in your thoughts or you have a landline phone, you’ll find that you should consider the telephone receiver Emoji is the best HMU Emoji. In addition, a lot of times this emoji can be used as an alternative to the smartphone Emoji when providing the phone number in a CTA. This means that you can use or even the whole telephone when you say HMU.

Mail Me

If the method to be utilized by someone to smack you is via physical mail or email and you want to send them an inbox tray emoticon in the HMU call. It could be used in an individual or professional situation and the latter is totally contingent on the situation at work. A different option to the inbox tray emoji would be the envelope with an Arrow Emoji. It can also be used for all types of mail.

For OtherReasons

Its love Letter Emoji is designed for those times when you want someone to make a fuss to do something that isn’t for the truth of the matter. You might be seeking an invitation to a wedding or a time with Netflix and Chill or a romantic night out or a romantic night out, etc. If you’re asking for more subjective, personal needs, the love letter is great . However, should you feel it’s unoriginal or sloppy it’s possible to make use of any other heart emoticon as well. advanced love emoticons.


HMU is the contemporary alternative to the phrase ‘call me’. As with the expression the internet slang acronym is also multifaceted and may have various meanings based on the context. It’s both a subjective as well as an objective way to communicate.

The speaker or sender seeks connections supported by reasons such as keeping in contact, sharing information/updates or other motives that could be sexual or flirty. HMU is a slang that can be used in a variety of ways and can be used in any situation that requires connections.