What Does ‘Flex’ Slang Mean and How to Use it?

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What Does 'Flex' Slang Mean and How to Use it?

If you truly have it then you must stretch it, buddy.

Every social media slang is a tale; an experience that took the development of a single phrase to the point that it is a linguistic addition. “Flex,” like all internet-based slang has a history. The origins of this one was born in the gym, as a term used to show off one’s physique after a long time of working on them.

In the beginning, ‘flex’ was focused on the ‘bod’. Nowadays, internet users have overcome the stigma that surrounds the word’s use and have taken further into any aspect that a person would like to showcase. It’s a lovely change and development.

Today, ‘flex’ online isn’t always the word used in gyms, but it is pretty almost synonymous with any type of celebration that could be or not be motivated by accomplishment. But, the motivation and motivation behind flaunting could alter the meaning of the word ‘flex’and – there are instances that it might not be a pleasant change.

What is the ‘Flex’ Story and How Did it Get So Popular?

The majority of the slang is used today was influenced by music, hip hop and rap particularly. A lot of common words have distinct meanings, including more casual and different meanings due to the ways that rappers, singers and, the most important thing, lyricists conceived their meanings when they did.

Music is a beautiful breach into the traditional world of perception of language, communication, and language and opens up a range of relatable parts of that. “Flex,” which was originally the term used to describe the contraction of an area that is part of our body grew to mean something a bit or a lot more than just the act of contracting a part of the body.

The first record (literally) where “flex” was utilized for more than just tightening the body occurred in the year 1993. This was the year that Ice Cube said he wouldn’t bend until he was ready to do s*x on his song ‘Down For Whatever’. A lot of artists, like Post Malone, Borgore, Iggy Azalea to just a few, started using the word “flex” with an implication that was further away from the fitness center.

In the course of time sooner or later, this representation of the word that appeared in music was incorporated into popular culture, and later “cultured speech”; both online and offline.

Does ‘Flex’ Have Other Sides?

It’s nice to show it off when you’re in the position. However, it’s not as great when you make it up, to show it off. Based on the Urban Dictionary (the internet’s most reliable slang dictionary that is crowdsourced)”flex” can be more than simply displaying.

In addition to the act of publicly and openly flaunting oneself the word “flex” could also mean unsubstantiated flaunts. Also, the word can be used to indicate an untrue image being promoted without a base of genuineness. The use of the word “flex” exposes the fakeness.

This is an aspect that is negative in the coin, but it’s not necessarily a bad aspect. There are many instances when people will show off the things they do not have for various reasons. The word “flex” is a term used to describe the act! Another way that ‘flex’ can be employed is to provide an alternative to the word ‘flirt’.

Urban Dictionary adds that ‘flex can, at times, is employed to sexually or not engage. It may appear as if it’s not in the dictionary however there’s a direct connection to the real meaning of the usage.

How is Flexing Flirting?

When someone is flexing their muscles, they’re basically selecting the most effective part(s) in themselves, and make an elaborate display of it. However, it’s not a romantic perception. It’s not a sin to paint your ideal self when you wish to. Most of the time, us aren’t interested in discussing the climb, but rather boasting about the views. Therefore, sharing a glowing image of the summit isn’t an offence.

In the current scenario of flexing, the most effective version is available. Now is the time to take an educated guess. What is the other time this happened? When you’re flirting! Of of course. Everybody is imperfect, but no one likes to display their imperfections on their front while flirting. The aim is to create a connection or attract attention, or to make an impression, after all.

If the relationship develops and it moves beyond the flirting, the love and the sheets, then perfection could be a different thing. However, when two or more individuals are new to one another in a romantic setting and everyone is flexing, it’s obvious that they’re engaging in flirting. What else can you do to spark an attraction? The word ‘flex’ can have a connotation of ‘flirting’ and a logical one is.

What Does the Famous ‘Weird Flex, But OK’ Phrase Even Mean?

Since the emergence of ‘flex’ in the world of social media the term has become a term for’show off’. We’ve always noticed the bragging nature of fellow human beings, and now we have a term for the same thing. We’ve been able to call them the egos of anyone in the world, both in real and virtual. However, there was a new twist. It was something more precise.

Every time someone showed their online presence the person was or admired, then immediately disqualified for their showy behavior or were a source of inspiration from their ‘flex energy’. However, in the end, people started displaying the most bizarre things that were, more frequently than not, ignored for.

The web may be incredibly private, but nobody would want to know about anyone’s most personal life ( unless there’s special or professional concern). There were a lot of snippets of private lives that could not be hidden or ignored once they were witnessed. The flexing of this kind was not necessary and these bizarre movements earned the ‘weird flex however, it’s okay’ reaction.

The first time we have heard of the phrase, as of it appears, may be in the year the year 2018. Actually, that’s likely to be the year that the phrase got its birth. In the year that the activist Malala Yousufzai listed out her achievements in 2017 on Twitter and a friend of hers (Flinn Feighery) quoted the tweet, with a ‘Weird Flex, but okay’ caption. This was the start of the catchy colloquial phrase.

If the achievements are shown in a way that is excessively or displayed in a way that is incongruous, awkward, unneeded or insignificant, not relevant, or by the nature of things, or if something exceeds the limits of absolute privacy, they could be considered ‘weird flexes’. But okay’ adds to the already dismissive tone that is expressed in the reply (‘weird flex’ doesn’t necessarily require a ‘but okay’). It creates a sense of helplessness because the moment is now, and what’s seen can’t be escaped from the sight.

How to Use ‘Flex’ Online and Offline?

There are three primary reasons to make use of the slang term ‘flex’ when referring to a real show-off, fake show-offs, and an unprofessional show-off. The same can be applied to you too.

An occasion of pride for someone could be perceived as a sign of flexing by the viewers. It doesn’t have to be a boastful presentation of accomplishments however, occasionally, even a simple announcement can be seen as a Flex. The term can be used to criticize an individual’s display of brilliance, to praise the feat, or even to make a statement about your own.

The real Flex

LinkedIn is the most exemplary example of authentic Flexes. Everybody is displaying their skills and skills, as well as their professional accomplishments All of it is an example of flexible. The flexing genre is an authentic display of personal and professional achievements. Therefore, when you employ the word “flex” in this sense it’s more of a way to root on behalf of the person(s) rather than mocking or ridiculing them.

But, there’s an age when it couldget excessively- and not just on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. If genuine flexes originally a celebration of hard-earned victories end up becoming a suffocating nuisance, it’s an flex, however, with a snarky undertone.

Here are a few examples:

  • I’m thrilled to be able to announce that I’ve been chosen as the representative for lead of XYZ.

    Your current flex is amazing. I’m in awe. I’m thank you for it!
  • In this sofa, I’ve created more than anyone could ever imagine.

    Geez. This flex is a bit nauseous. It sends me right to the toilet!

  • My work is my way of flexing.
  • I finally got an employment opportunity! !

    You go, man! It’s a well-deserved flexibility for you!
  • The week’s achievements (followed by an inventory of fifteen things*

    Dude, you’re doing it all the time and getting all the attention you could.

The fake Flex

It’s a complete flop. There’s nothing positive to say about it. It’s a false celebration of something they didn’t do anything for, or even worse, didn’t attain ( with or without the subjective effort). This strategy to create an image, alter perceptions, and possibly even profit from being a fraud propagating a false picture is considered a flexible -however, it’s a rebuke. Like:

  • She claimed she was selected for the job. This is such a shaky flex. I’m shocked.
  • Hurray! We earned one billion dollars in the last year!

    Ugh. Sweet Flex, wish it was the case.

  • He is so flexible, but is unable to comprehend anything through. Sad.

The awkward stretch

Strange flex, but okay.This use case is exclusively focused on the viral meme, and is focused on the ways you can utilize it in a practical way. You can either tweet it out or create memes! Whatever the application however, there is a crucial requirement when using the word ‘flex’ in this situation — the so-called accomplishment must not be insignificant, unimportant, or controversial, or something that creates more questions than it answers. For example:

  • Gurl I’m sure you’re wondering what? I finally bite my dog after warning her that she was biting me. It’s right!

    Uhhh. It’s a weird flex, but it’s OK.
  • He claimed that he was finishing the house he was painting and couldn’t call him.

    What? It’s weird, but what? you want to do
  • Dude, I had a shower after three days, man. You’re feeling fresher than ever! !

    It’s a weird flex, buddy. But I’ll take this for you.
  • The owner of the pig purchased it for $1500, and is contemplating legalizing its adoption.

    Celebs have the most bizarre flexibility.


The slang term ‘flex’ is popular in gyms and is a popular sport, it could have caused it to continue the “show” that it brings. Anyone who is a gym-goer will appreciate an occasional flex every once in every once in a while. There’s no resentment here. Flexing, in its essence is the practice of displaying something you have really worked hard to achieve. The reason why it becomes excessive and unhealthy is when the subject of accomplishment becomes repetitive in a public setting.

If someone displays the same thing repeatedly until a crowd is exhausted, it is the concept of ‘flex’ which is popular on social media in the present. However, a flex doesn’t have to necessarily be a snarling display of accomplishments, it could be a celebration of one’s own as well. The flex of a person is, in the end, the thing they excel at, are better than or better than regardless of the publicity. To make this claim come to life, a flex can be sometimes faked.

In contrast to consumers of more than a decade ago today, people of this day can spot fake products from a mile. Thanks for the Internet. It has not just brought us closer, but also widened our personal boundaries. The personal life of someone is usually associated with their social media accounts. It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? That’s not necessarily an issue however, with this type of exposure it is possible to spot inconsistencies within the moment -and it won’t take long to spot an unauthentic flex.

However, a flex is just as effective as how it’s designed and how it is perceived. If it’s displayed in a manner that is arrogant, it will be viewed as an example. If it’s just an act of self-reflection and appreciation, then it’s a well-deserved flexibility. If the flex you’re expressing is not genuine it will be uncovered and discarded. “Flex” by itself isn’t necessarily mean that you can ignore it immediately!


The slang ‘flex’ and its associated parts of speech, especially on social media, are associated with displaying pride. The show-off could be positive or negative, it can also be fake or simply bizarre. Flex is the combination of the brag of one and other’s reaction to that brag.

The phrase may have started in fitness centers, however in today’s world it is used to describe anything someone putsin, has put in, and is working hard at. It’s something that a person is proficient at, is improving at, or has always laughing at.