PCNOK: Science and Mission

PCNOK (Patient Care Network for Oklahoma) can be described as a major change-maker in the health system which provides services to the 77 Oklahoma counties. The PCNOK organization is an alliance of 19 Oklahoma Community Health Centers located in the United States.

PCNOK was established on the 14th of July 2014, with the intention to improve teamwork. in the last eight years PCNOK has grown into among the biggest network of primary health care service providers within Oklahoma.

Their care approach encompasses all phases of life starting with prenatal care and ending with care for the older. This week, we’ll delve into the objectives, the services and the technologies provided by this network of care. There’s a lot to talk about to discuss, so let’s get started.

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PCNOK Overview

PCNOK (Patient Care Network) is an essential solution to digital health aiding the chronically ill as well as the elderly in healthcare, health care, and rehabilitation areas, as well as the population’s growing older.

With the increase in social distance, movement restrictions caused by the covid crisis, and the consequent increase in chronic diseases resulting from sedentary lifestyles the need for large-scale use of online services to monitor vulnerable patients remotely is growing.

How Does it Work?

PCNOK offers a technological solution that is being used in the area of medical science and is available to every patient. This technology allows for the continuous monitoring of a patient’s health in the absence in the institution.

It’s a new technology that lets healthcare professionals help patients who are discharged from hospitals or have chronic pain. Through this technology, doctors can find an option for patients who are taking long-term treatments which require regular surveillance.

The Mission of PCNOK

This comprehensive care plan covers all phases of life, starting from prenatal through geriatric health. PCNOK is working to accomplish three major goals to improve healthcare:

  • Better Overall Care
  • Healthier People
  • Smarter spending

The principal goal and ethos of PCNOK is that healthcare needs to be readily accessible, high-quality and cost-effective for the good of society. To achieve this, it develops mutually beneficial contractual relationships. For instance, the company buys them in large quantities to its own advantage. Its focus is on hospitals, clinics and medical professionals.

PCNOK Member Organizations

The membership to PCNOK will be open to anyone in Oklahoma health professionals who want to work together to improve the quality of care for patients and their the quality of life for patients. PCNOK gives its members access to information, training as well as support.

  • Family Medical Center of Oklahoma Inc.
  • Community Health Connection Inc.
  • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center.
  • Community Health Centers Inc.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.
  • Shortgrass Community Health Center Inc.
  • Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center.
  • South Central Medical and Resource Center
  • The Arkansas Health Centers Verdigris Valley
  • Family Health Center East Central Oklahoma.
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.
  • Stigler Wellness and Health Center, Inc.
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center.
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center Inc.
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services Inc.
  • Lawton Community Health Center.

Benefits of PCNOK

Benefits for Patients

The system is able to monitor the health of patients continually. This assists patients to remain in good health and safety during the course of treatment. This technology can save the health of people by addressing their health issues autonomously in potentially life-threatening situations. It encourages the right treatment and follows it in order to meet patients’ needs.

Benefits for Health Care Professionals

The technology offers intelligent monitored parameters that are active for homes that are efficient and smart. This allows doctors to treat a wide range of patients simultaneously even when they are in serious state.

For Family Members

Family caregivers and family members can count on the ongoing surveillance of their loved ones medical conditions by medical professionals and be assured that any serious anomalies are quickly identified and treated.

For the SSN

Patient Care Network makes it possible to reduce access to emergency rooms and structures overload. In addition, you can secure access to your home for those truly in need. Because of remote support, it’s easier to limit the spread of infection between health professionals, patients and their family members.

The Impact PCNOK Poses on Society as a Whole

PCNOK’s members PCNOK work together. The group aims to spread the information about the advancement of the provision of healthcare. Strategies for integrating mental health are included in the plans. In addition, there are health groups, telemedicine and wellness alternatives. PCNOK people provide top-quality services that are comparable to Medicare. In addition, there is Medicaid as well as private insurance and even paying patients.

Additionally, recent reports indicate that PCNOK cooperates with a variety of organisations. They help in the gathering of information regarding affected individuals’ issues. At first, PCNOK served approximately 500 customers from offices that are publicly subsidized. In addition, private inclusion groups are also part of the. In its capacity as an organisation, PCNOK has developed a excellent reputation. In order to advance the society, it’s important to provide top medical treatment.

Major Focus of PCNOK

PCNOK is the business responsible for the creation of investigations, mediation and data on care coordination. PCNOK is a part of and completes the various types of models that form the foundation of the association and offers several awards kinds. It will surprise you to find out that PCNOK’s overall earnings are less than $5 million which is considerably lower than the median of the industry.

Access for Everyone

PCNOK members PCNOK accept patients on Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance as well as cash-paying patients. Patients who pay cash with incomes lower more than the 200th percentile of federal poverty threshold are qualified for discounts on the basis of income verification and eligibility.

Wide Range of Prevention and Primary Care

PCNOK members run more than 125 rural and urban healthcare delivery facilities The majority are patient-centered medical Homes which provide vision, dental, medical and mental health services, as well as certain specialty services, and diagnostic tests along with nutrition, pharmacy and along with referral to external special care when required. PCNOK is the largest network in Oklahoma of primary healthcare providers.

Innovation and Solutions

PCNOK members PCNOK collaborate to push forward the delivery of care with innovation by incorporating elements of telehealth, mental health care teams, as well as health coaches within the context of primary healthcare.


PCNOK assists individuals from across 77 nations. In addition, the Oklahoma network helps people from different regions. They are part within the health model. This model has a major influence on the general population in general.


Large-scale impact on the entire state by utilizing collaborative community efforts, integration strategies and taking into account social determinants of health to aid individuals in attaining greater health and wellbeing.

How to Join the PCNOK Network?

The process of joining PCNOK Network PCNOK Network is simple and will take only a few minutes. It is necessary to sign up to create an account on the site. After you log in, a number of choices will be displayed. The first choice is to join the network.

As a member of the community, you will gain access to all its benefits and features. Another option is to become an elite member. As a premium member you have access to features and benefits that are not available to non-premium members.

The alternative is to become an advertiser on a network. It is possible to place ads on the site as an advertiser, and earn compensation for every time an ad is that is clicked by users.

The final option is to join an online publisher. As publisher, you are able to produce content for the website and earn a fee for every article that is published. Signing up to PCNOK Network PCNOK Network is simple and is only a matter of minutes!

What are the Benefits of Using PCNOK?

Patients may use the services of

  1. Locate a healthcare professional. It has the ability to search a database of Oklahoma’s health care providers. Patients are able to limit the results of their search to specific locations, specialties, or even service type.
  2. Check the health of someone you love. They provide patients and family members with access information. This includes medical records, test results as well as other data.
  3. Find out about the health resources within your local community that give you access to information and resources related to subjects like exercising and eating healthy.

What is the PCNOK Governing Body Mean?

This PCNOK the governing board’s credibility in the medical sector was established. In addition, it is allowed by law and it has been determined that this arrangement is acceptable.

Everybody has access to the healthcare system which includes those who have Medicaid or private insurance. Medicare and self-pay Medicare are recognized by this group and it offers many options and solutions in the fields of telehealth, health coaches and mental health, among other areas.

This group is active in the fields of the areas of mental health, vision, and other fields . It includes more than 63 rural and urban sites to provide medical and preventive treatment.

The organization is made up of community partnerships, social determinants and integration. Additionally, ideas to assist people in attaining greater health and wellbeing are incorporated into the impact. The network has expanded to 77 countries, and it has more health-related plans that are better and also improved living facilities. The organization is however, having an impact on the health of people.

PCNOK Weaknesses

  • PCNOK has the lowest market share in its field.
  • In terms of income from employees, PCNOK’s income is less than industry standard.
  • Comparatively to the entire industry PCNOK’s growth rate is less.
  • If there are fewer employees in an company, the number of employees will decrease gradually.
  • PCNOK’s revenue growth rate is higher than industry’s average.


PCNOK strives to further the three objectives of reforming healthcare towards improved health care. PCNOK promotes the use of mutually beneficial contracts and prudent spending. This is why you must be aware of this network. Patient Care Network of Oklahoma in 2022. Should you still have queries or concerns, you can write them down in the comment box below.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) regarding PCNOK

What’s the total amount of revenue for PCNOK?

The network earned $1.1 million of revenue by 2022. Equipment rentals, pharmaceuticals, and donations also generate revenue.

Which employees work for PCNOK?

Today, only 25 people work for PCNOK.

Which is the IP address for PCNOK?

PCNOK has its headquarters at 3000N Grand Boulevard, Central Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.

Where is the headquarters of HTML0?

PCNOK is located with its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

What are the PCNOK’s major sectors?

Hospital clinics and doctors make up the majority of the economy of PCNOK.

What Health Insurance Do They Accept?

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma accepts the majority of the major health insurance providers, which includes Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and patients who pay out directly from their pocket.