does truthfinder let the person know

Does Truthfinder Let the Person Know? Get Clear Answers Here!

Many people wonder if Truthfinder notifies the person whose background is being checked. In this article, I will explore the notification features offered by Truthfinder and answer this important question.

When it comes to background check services, user privacy is a top concern. Truthfinder understands this, and they provide several features designed to keep their users informed and in control of their personal information.

Key Takeaways

  • Truthfinder offers notification features to keep users informed
  • Users can choose to receive alerts and updates through various communication channels
  • Contact alerts are an important part of Truthfinder’s notification system
  • Truthfinder prioritizes user privacy and transparency in their handling of personal data

Truthfinder’s Notification Feature and Information Sharing

When it comes to conducting background checks, users want to know that their personal information is kept safe and secure. That’s why understanding how Truthfinder handles information sharing and data disclosure is crucial.

Truthfinder’s privacy policy states that they do not share user information with third parties for marketing purposes. They may, however, disclose information in a few limited circumstances, such as when required by law. Users must also provide their consent before a background check is run.

Transparency is also important when it comes to data disclosure. Truthfinder allows users to access and correct their personal information at any time. Additionally, users can view a list of all the data sources used in their background check.

Overall, Truthfinder prioritizes privacy and information security, making sure that user data is protected and handled responsibly.

How Truthfinder Communicates with Users

Users may wonder how Truthfinder communicates with them regarding their background check. The good news is that Truthfinder has a comprehensive notification system that alerts users at every stage of the process.

Users can receive notifications when their background check starts, when it is completed, and when new information is added to their report. These notifications can be sent via email or text message. Users can also access their report at any time through their Truthfinder dashboard.

One thing to note is that Truthfinder only communicates with the person who ordered the background check. They do not contact the subject of the search directly.

If users have any questions about their background check or the notification system, they can contact Truthfinder’s customer support team. The team is available by phone or email and can assist with any inquiries or concerns users may have.

Overall, Truthfinder’s communication with users is thorough and transparent. Users can rest assured that they will be notified at every step of the process, and that their privacy is respected throughout.

Understanding Truthfinder’s Contact Alert System

One of the key features of Truthfinder is its contact alert system. This system is designed to notify users when someone is searching for their information. The system can be particularly useful for those who want to keep tabs on their personal privacy and ensure that their information is not being accessed without their knowledge.

When someone performs a background check on a Truthfinder user, the contact alert system will notify the user via email. The email will contain information about the person who conducted the background check, including their name and location. The email will also include a link to the Truthfinder website, where the user can review their report and take any necessary actions.

It is worth noting that Truthfinder’s contact alert system does not provide real-time alerts. Instead, users will receive an email notification within 24 hours of the background check being conducted. This means that users may not be notified immediately when their information is accessed.

Despite this, the contact alert system can be an important tool for maintaining personal privacy and keeping track of who has access to your personal information.

What to Do If You Receive a Contact Alert

If you receive a contact alert from Truthfinder, it is important to review the information contained in the email carefully. Make sure that you recognize the name and location of the person who conducted the background check, and investigate further if necessary.

If you believe that your personal privacy has been compromised, you may want to take steps to protect yourself. This might include updating your privacy settings on social media accounts, changing your passwords, or pursuing legal action if necessary.

Ultimately, the contact alert system offered by Truthfinder can be a powerful tool for protecting personal privacy and staying informed about who is accessing your information. By staying vigilant and taking appropriate action when necessary, you can ensure that your personal information remains secure.


As we’ve explored throughout this article, Truthfinder offers a variety of notification features for its users, including user notifications and contact alerts. While Truthfinder does not explicitly notify the person being searched, it’s important to note that background check services like this must operate within legal and ethical guidelines regarding data privacy and protection.

It’s also crucial for users to understand the importance of consent and transparency when it comes to the handling of personal information. Truthfinder’s privacy policy and data disclosure practices are worth exploring in detail before engaging with the service.

In conclusion, while Truthfinder does not let the person know when their background check is being conducted, the service provides ample notification features for its users. As with any background check service, it’s important to approach the use of Truthfinder with caution and a clear understanding of privacy and data protection guidelines.


Q: Does Truthfinder let the person know?

A: Yes, Truthfinder does not notify the person being searched. The background check is conducted confidentially and discreetly.

Q: What notification features does Truthfinder offer?

A: Truthfinder provides user notifications and contact alerts. These features ensure that users are notified about updates and alerts related to their background checks and information.

Q: How does Truthfinder handle information sharing?

A: Truthfinder prioritizes user privacy and follows a strict privacy policy. They do not disclose personal information without user consent, ensuring information transparency and data protection.

Q: How does Truthfinder communicate with its users?

A: Truthfinder communicates with users through various channels, such as email notifications, SMS alerts, and the user dashboard on their website. These methods keep users informed and updated about their background checks.

Q: What is Truthfinder’s contact alert system?

A: Truthfinder’s contact alert system notifies users when their contact information, such as phone number or email address, is linked to public records. This feature helps users stay aware of any potential privacy risks and unauthorized use of their information.