does truthfinder cost money

Unraveling the Mystery: Does TruthFinder Cost Money?

If you’re considering using TruthFinder, one of the biggest questions on your mind might be whether or not it costs money. It’s a valid concern; after all, nobody wants to get stuck with unexpected charges or fees. In this article, I’ll explore the cost of using TruthFinder and shed some light on its pricing structure.

Key Takeaways:

  • TruthFinder is not a free service
  • There are different subscription options available
  • Membership costs vary depending on the features and benefits included in each tier

Understanding TruthFinder’s Pricing Model

If you’re considering using TruthFinder, it’s essential to understand the platform’s pricing model. Is TruthFinder a one-time payment service, or are there monthly fees involved? Let’s take a closer look at the plans and pricing.

TruthFinder offers two subscription options: a one-month plan and a three-month plan. The one-month plan costs $30, while the three-month plan costs $75, which translates to $25 per month. This model provides flexibility in terms of commitment while offering more significant savings for those who opt for the three-month plan.

It’s important to note that both subscription options grant access to the same features. These include unlimited background checks, contact information, social media profiles, and criminal records, among others. The only difference between the two plans is the duration of access.

If you’re wondering how much TruthFinder costs per month, you can divide the subscription fee by the number of months granted. For instance, the one-month plan costs $30, while the three-month plan costs $25 per month. It’s worth noting that the company does not offer a free trial, and all subscription plans are billed upfront at the time of purchase.

TruthFinder Plans and Pricing Table

Plan Duration Price Cost Per Month
One-Month Plan 30 days $30 $30
Three-Month Plan 90 days $75 $25

Overall, TruthFinder’s pricing model is simple and straightforward. The company offers two subscription options at a reasonable cost, making background checks accessible to a broader audience. It’s important to assess your needs and determine the value of the service before committing to a subscription plan.

Unpacking TruthFinder’s Membership Costs

Now that we have explored the pricing model of TruthFinder, let’s dive deeper into the membership costs associated with this service.

Membership Tier Membership Cost Features and Benefits
Standard $27.78 per month Access to basic background check reports, including criminal records, contact information, and social media profiles. Unlimited reports.
Premium $33.00 per month Access to all standard features, as well as information on known associates, possible relatives, and additional criminal records. Unlimited reports.
Single Report $30.00 per report Ability to purchase a single background check report on an as-needed basis, with access to all features available in the selected tier.

It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on promotions, discounts, and other factors.

When choosing a membership tier, it’s essential to consider the features and benefits included in each level. While the standard tier offers a solid foundation of background check information, the premium tier provides access to more advanced features, such as known associates and additional criminal records.

Ultimately, the membership cost of TruthFinder should align with the value you receive from using the service. Consider your needs and preferences when selecting a membership tier, and ensure that the cost is within your budget.

Evaluating the Value of TruthFinder

Conducting background checks is an essential part of daily life, from hiring new employees to vetting potential tenants. TruthFinder offers a convenient and efficient way to conduct background checks on individuals. However, the question remains, is the cost of using TruthFinder worth the investment?

The cost of using TruthFinder to conduct background checks may vary depending on the membership tier you choose. The standard membership fee is $27.78 per month, while the premium membership fee is $34.78 per month.

The standard membership tier provides a limited number of searches and reports, while the premium membership tier offers unlimited searches and reports. Additionally, the premium membership tier provides access to premium data sources and social media searches.

When considering the cost of using TruthFinder, it is important to evaluate the value it provides. The information gathered from a background check may save you from potential fraud, theft, or other criminal activities. It can also assist in making informed decisions when hiring or renting to individuals.

The bottom line is that TruthFinder offers a valuable service, but the cost may vary depending on your budget and needs. If you require frequent background checks and access to premium data sources, the premium membership may be worth the investment. Alternatively, if you only need to conduct one or two background checks, the standard membership may suffice.

In conclusion, the cost of using TruthFinder to conduct background checks ranges from $27.78 to $34.78 per month, depending on the membership tier you choose. The value provided by TruthFinder in terms of the information gathered from a background check is worth the investment, but ultimately, your budget and needs will determine which membership tier is right for you.

Is TruthFinder Free?

If you’re wondering whether TruthFinder is a free service, the answer is no. While you can perform a basic search on TruthFinder for free, you’ll need to sign up for a membership to access more detailed results.

The free search provides limited information, such as the person’s name, age, and location. However, you won’t be able to see their contact information, criminal records, or social media profiles without paying for a membership.

It’s important to note that while TruthFinder isn’t free, it does offer a 5-day trial period for a nominal fee. This allows you to test the service and see if it’s worth the investment. After the trial period, you’ll be charged the regular subscription fee unless you cancel before the trial ends.

If you’re hesitant about paying for a membership, consider the value of the information you’ll receive. TruthFinder offers comprehensive background checks that can uncover crucial information, such as criminal records, aliases, and employment history. This could be especially helpful if you’re considering a potential employee or roommate and want to ensure their safety.

Overall, while TruthFinder isn’t free, it does offer a trial period and provides extensive information in its background checks. If you’re in need of this type of information, it may be worth the investment.


In conclusion, after exploring TruthFinder’s pricing structure, it is evident that the service does come with a cost. The pricing model is relatively straightforward, with different subscription options available at varying costs.

It is important to note that even though TruthFinder is not a free service, the value it provides is undoubtedly worth the investment. The ability to access comprehensive background check reports can be invaluable in making informed decisions, whether for personal or professional reasons.

Furthermore, the membership costs associated with TruthFinder align with the features and benefits provided. The different membership tiers ensure that users can choose an option that best suits their needs and budget.

While there may be limitations to the free version, if available, it is essential to remember that the value provided with the paid membership is well worth the investment.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable background check service that provides comprehensive reports, TruthFinder is a valuable investment. Choose a subscription that aligns with your budget and start unraveling the truth today.


Q: Does TruthFinder cost money?

A: Yes, TruthFinder is not a free service. There are charges involved to access its features and information.

Q: How much does TruthFinder cost?

A: The pricing for TruthFinder depends on the subscription plan you choose. There are different membership options available with varying costs.

Q: What are the membership costs associated with TruthFinder?

A: The membership costs for TruthFinder can be found on their website. They offer different tiers with varying features and benefits at different price points.

Q: Is TruthFinder a one-time payment service or are there monthly fees?

A: TruthFinder operates on a subscription model, so there are monthly fees to consider. You will need to pay for your chosen membership plan on a recurring basis.

Q: What is the value of using TruthFinder?

A: TruthFinder provides the value of conducting background checks and accessing comprehensive information. However, the cost of using TruthFinder should be evaluated against the value it provides to determine if it is worth the investment.

Q: Is TruthFinder available for free?

A: TruthFinder does not offer a completely free service. While there may be limited features or trial periods available for free, full access to their features and information requires payment.