10 Reasons to Love WordPress

WordPress logo

WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly content management systems (CMS) and powers over 30% of the world’s websites. It works for almost everyone, from hobby bloggers to experienced web developers. Here, we give you ten reasons to love WordPress.

1. It’s Free

WordPress is 100% free to use, and you don’t need to buy any licenses. If you do not have any money to buy a unique domain or hosting for your website, you can use a free self-hosted .wordpress.com website for a start and change to a custom domain later. You can also find free web hosting on wordpress.com

Alternatively, you can register your domain, get hosting from a reputable provider, and then use the free WordPress CMS to build and manage content on your website. It costs absolutely nothing to install WordPress on your website.

2) Easy to Use

Even non-techies can deploy this CMS instantly with a single click. Setup takes no more than 5 minutes and very user friendly unlike other CMS like Joomla.

Whether you use the classic editor or the new block editors, you can easily install a free or premium theme, add new content, access the backend and front end on mobile devices, and share content with your friends. You can add new pages, menus, posts, or even reorganize your website without writing any code.

3) Easy Customization and Branding

To brand your WordPress site, click the customize button to change your website identity. You can also change your logo and tagline. Most themes come with editors that let you customize the look of your website.

To customize, edit the theme code, develop child themes that match your needs, use available plugins, or create new ones. You can integrate WordPress with third-party APIs, add unique gateways, chat, or SMS APIs without affecting your website’s functionality.

4) WordPress Supports Multiple Users

WordPress lets you create different roles such as admins, a super-admin, authors, contributors, and subscribers, and assign them different access levels. If you have several people who need access to your WordPress site, simply log into your account, select Users, and Add New.

Multiple users can reduce the load on team members, especially for growing businesses. When everyone has a specific role within the website, it can make for more streamlined operations.

5) Security Features

WordPress is one of the most secure platforms on the internet. It has free spam filters and constant updates to keep your website safe from hackers.

WordPress has introduced automatic updates so that your website can update itself as soon as a new version is released, reducing the risk for users who don’t update manually.

6) SEO Ready

You can add webmaster APIs, even if you don’t know where to find your authorization codes on the webmaster tool. WordPress provides search engine-friendly URLs and sitemaps, making it easier for search engines to discover new content as you publish it.

You can optimize your website using any free SEO plugins, so your web pages get indexed and appear on SERPs. Other tools you can access include free site miniaturization, image optimizers, and W3 caching that increases page load times for better visibility.

7) Easy to Integrate with Web Analytics

You can start measuring your website performance or view critical usage data through free plugins. Web analytics like these allow you to see how much traffic you’re getting and pinpoint where you can improve your website and visitor experience.

8) Flexibility

WordPress lets you design any website from a simple portfolio to a complicated online store. If you want to change from a personal blog to a business website, you can do that by reorganizing items on your website. You can even make live changes to your website without going offline or switching to maintenance mode.

9) No Design Skills Needed

Most web designers create site architecture before embarking on UX/UI design and coding. However, the WordPress visual builder allows you to create a great-looking website without incurring design costs or having extensive design knowledge. You can use a free theme or buy a premium one with advanced theme options.

10) Grow with Your Website

With WordPress, you can always change your website as your needs change. Start with a free .wordpress.com website, then move to .yourdomain.com. From there, you can add more APIs as your business demands, get subscription and membership options, change your logo, or rebrand.