How to fix Apex Legends “Memory could not be read” Error

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How to fix Apex Legends "Memory could not be read" Error

Apex Legends players on PC have been receiving an “Memory could not be read” error since the release in the game’s first week. Although Respawn has released several updates to address crashes within Apex Legends, the issue with memory appears to persist for a lot of players.

We are aware that the success of Apex Legends has put Respawn’s developers on an extremely busy schedule. In contrast to other games in its category, Apex Legends launched without any trial for select players that is the primary reason why players have faced numerous problems in the game.

The most irritating issues that plagues Apex Legends for PC players has been an “Memory could not be read” error that causes the game to crash. game during an encounter.

r5apex.exe Error in ApplicationThe instruction at the 0x67e09414 referred to memory at the number 0x412843a0. The memory was not able to be read.

There are a variety of solutions to this issue, the one that appears to be effective for the majority of gamers is setting the maximum speed limit within the game in order to decrease the load on your computer.

Users have also reported that the main reason they have received “Memory could not be read” error message when they were playing at a party with their friends. However, setting the the maximum fps limit to 60 through Origin the launch option command line argument seems to have resolved the issue for a lot of users.

How to set max fps cap in Apex Legends via Origin

  1. Open Origin on your computer.
  2. Visit My Game Library from the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on Apex Legends and select Game properties from the context menu.
  4. Select the the Advanced launch Options tab. Then enter +fps_max60 into the Command line arguments field..
  5. Click on the Save button.

That’s it. Play a couple of games on Apex Legends to determine whether the issue is solved.

Tips: Disable any overlay features, such as Origin on-game or Discord overlay prior to launching Apex Legends. Applications that show an overlay window on your PC can cause crashes within Apex Legends.