Kyle Williams

With over a decade of experience in web dev and plugin development, he's seen web hosts of all sorts, both the very good and the worst. He brings his expertise to Online Web Check to help webmasters choose the perfect website host for their needs.

Kyle Williams

What is .htaccess?

.htaccess is considered a configuration file. Its full name stands for “Hypertext Access.” This type of file was originally used to control access users had to certain files based on directory restrictions. Configuration files set parameters and framework for a wide network of web servers, including the well known and popularly used Apache software. Some …

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What Is an Nginx Server?

When multiple clients connect to a single server, there are two problems. The first relates to the processing speed of server requests. The second entails how to schedule requests efficiently. One focuses on completing work quickly, the other on the division of labor. Not all servers have efficient processes in place for the second aspect …

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What Is an Apache Server?

Today, a strong web presence is more important than ever for any aspiring business. To stay relevant and connected in the ever-changing marketplace, business owners need to have their website in tip-top shape.  How can you ensure a professional online experience with smooth and swift website access for all your customers? For many, the answer …

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What is a DNS Server

One of the most important concepts in web hosting is the Domain Name System (also known as DNS). Here, we’ll explain what the DNS is, how it works, and how to fix any errors with your website’s domain server.  What Does DNS Do? Before understanding the system as a whole and its servers, let’s break …

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