How to Join a Zoom Meeting without an Account

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How to Join a Zoom Meeting without an Account

Zoom Web application now requires you to sign up or register to join the Zoom meeting. However, you can still join as a guest by using the Zoom application on your PC or iPhone.

Zoom is taking a variety of steps to reduce the increasing security concerns in the Zoom meeting, and also to avoid Zoom bombing situations. The most recent action taken of Zoom is to block the possibility of joining the Zoom conference as an invited guest using Zoom’s Zoom Web client.

Participants in the Zoom meeting must now login with their Zoom account in order to join the Zoom meeting using Zoom’s browser.

It doesn’t impact the Zoom application for Desktop or Mobile. You can still be an unregistered guest via the Zoom application on your computer or mobile. The web application is the only one only that you need to register to join the meeting.

Whatever way you receive the invitation, via Email using a meeting’s ID as well as a password, or an invitation to for to a Zoom meeting via an invitation, you will must sign up to in order to join a meeting using the web application.

Do I Need to Sign Up to Join a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom hasn’t completely removed the possibility of joining meetings as a guest, without having to sign to sign up for an account. Zoom account. You can still utilize the Zoom application on your PC or even your iPhone and Android gadget to participate in the meeting as an invited guest.

Here’s how to download and install the Zoom application for your Windows PC to join an event.

Click the Zoom Download Center link using the web browser of your device and then click the Download button beneath the Zoom Client for Meetings section to download the Zoom application installer.

Start the ‘ZoomInstaller.exe the file you downloaded in step above. Download the file from the Downloads folder on your computer.

It will start the installation without any input, and will immediately open the Zoom window on your computer after completing the installation.

If the Zoom application doesn’t start immediately, look for it on the Start menu, and then start it from there.

On the main page of the Zoom application will offer you two choices: ‘Join a Meeting and sign in’.

To join an event as a guest, without signing in, simply click the ‘Join a Meeting’ button in the application.

Enter the meeting ID’ along with your name into the appropriate fields of the window, and then click on the ‘Join the group’s website’s button.

If you are asked to enter a the meeting password, enter the password that you received in the invitation email and then click the “Join Meeting” button.

If you have received an invitation link for joining the event. Here’s how to locate your Meeting Identification Number and Password by clicking the invite link.

A Zoom meeting invitation link appears like this:

The sequence of numbers (in the bold) 481635725? in the link is the ID of the meeting.

And the string of characters (in bold) after the pwd= part is the password you can use to join the

Therefore, your meeting’s ID as well as password in the above scenario could be:

  • Meeting ID: 481635725
  • Password: TDJmVVdqSnJhaFBZGjYoBVZkUkJadz09

    Don’t try using the meeting ID mentioned above and login to access the conference. It will not work.

In this way, you are able to be an invited guest even though Zoom’s Zoom web client does not allow the guest to join. If you are a frequent user of Zoom and want to use the Zoom app, we suggest you keep using the Zoom application as it has more options than the web application.