Where Does Webex Save Recordings?

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Where Does Webex Save Recordings?

Make sure there is no confusion about your Webex recording of your meeting

One benefit of meeting remotely using video conference applications is that it’s remarkably simple to record these events. If you’d like to capture them for someone who could not attend, refer to them in the future, or use it to train your employees, using video conferencing software have all of the needs covered.

Webex Meetings, among the most well-known tools for video-based meetings, doesn’t let its users down in this area as well. Recording meetings using Webex is incredibly simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re a free or a premium user, you’ll be able to use this feature. However, the way you record is dependent on the type of account you have.

If you have an account that is free Webex account the only option to record the meeting local, i.e., you can only record it on your personal computer. If you have an upgraded Webex account the two options of recording locally and in the Webex cloud are accessible. Be aware that regardless of the account type you are using you are only able to record a meeting if have the role of host or an alternate host, or presenter.

It can be difficult to figure out which recordings to look for when you need to switch between various choices. Let’s get things straightened out.

Where to Find Webex Recordings

If you decide to record your session locally you’ll find it simple to locate the recording. Webex generally saves the recordings to the Documents folder on My Computer.

If you decide to save your recordings on your local computer, Webex also asks you to select the location where you would like to save the file each time. You can select any location on your computer. If you decide to move your recording from your default directory, you’ll be able to find your recordings in that directory instead.

However, if you decide to record your meeting on Cloud, you have to visit the Webex web portal to locate it. Visit webex.com and sign into the meeting room you have registered to. Go to “Recordings” from the menu navigation on the left.

All recordings in your cloud will be available on your My Recorded Meetings page. You can access, share the recording, download or delete the recordings from this page.

However, there are some points to be considered in relation to recording cloud-based recordings. As we’ve mentioned previously hosts, alternative hosts, or the presenter is able to record a meeting using Webex. However, not all users can access the recording on cloud.

Whatever the person who initiated recording the meeting The recording is only accessible through the host’s account. If you were an presenter or host in the meeting and you decided to take a recording of the event, then you won’t be able to access the recording of the meeting. The same is true for other attendees. The event will be held within the meeting room of the host.

Does that mean that nobody else has access to the recordings? Not entirely. Cloud recordings aren’t accessible to anyone. recording directly. However, you can request the cloud provider to give you access to the recording.

The host is able to broadcast the recording to anyone they wish, regardless of regardless of whether they attended the meeting. Hosts are able to share the link to the recording with you and you can listen to and download the recording using the link.

If you were an presenter or host in the meeting and are wondering what happened to the recording then put it down. You need to get in touch with the host of the meeting. If you’re the host of the meeting it’s the simplest thing to do. All you have to be aware of to locate your meeting recording is the format you recorded your meeting. The rest is easy to find it.