What is PTR on Clubhouse and How to Do It

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What is PTR on Clubhouse and How to Do It

PTR is a slang term in for Pull To Refresh. It’s a popular acronym used in Clubhouse rooms , and you’ll frequently hear the word from moderators as well as speakers.

Clubhouse is among most famous social network applications of 2021. The number of users is growing rapidly, with entrepreneurs and celebrities becoming a large part of the community too. With a lot of users in the room, continuously monitoring changes to other users’ display images and the addition to the role of moderator(s) and other elements can be a challenge. Additionally, Clubhouse does not automatically refresh the room, making it more challenging.

PTR, also known as the Pull-to-Refresh is like refreshing the room, which displays the present status. The term is widely used in Clubhouse and you’ll often hear it throughout the rooms, both by moderator(s) as well as speakers. It is therefore crucial to know the meaning and how to perform the PTR.

How to Pull to Refresh (PTR)

To activate PTR, simply tap any spot in the display, then hold it and then drag down.

When you notice the refresh symbol at the top, you can release the tap.

When it is time to refresh your room, every change from the previous refresh will be evident. This is an excellent method of examining the changes in the display image of members.

If you don’t are aware of the meaning of PTR is or how to use it, you’ll be able to answer this phrase the next time.