What is a Spotify Private Session and How to Use it

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What is a Spotify Private Session and How to Use it

Private sessions with your phone and computer with an additional option for both devices!

Private sessions on Spotify is an exclusive listening session that has no announcements. Your friends will not be aware of the music you’re listening to currently. You can listen to music in privacy, without anyone monitoring your listening habits.

Spotify’s private session can keep your followers and friends from seeing your recently played music. This is a fantastic option to indulge in your the pleasures of life or listen to sad music or create an intimate music on your playlist with no one observing your music activities.

Here’s how to start an Spotify private session using your smartphone and PC.

Start a Spotify Private Session on PC

Making a switch to private sessions on your computer is incredibly simple. There are two ways that you can accomplish this, and one of them is to use the shortcut. This is the more lengthy method.

Start Spotify on your PC and then tap your username at the right-hand side on the main screen. Then, choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Go through the page ‘Settings’ to locate the section titled “Social. Tap the toggle next to the option that reads “Start a private session in order to listen in anonymity and turn it green, thereby enabling it.

There is now an icon of a blue lock just to the left on your user name. Clicking this icon will notify you that you’re in an encrypted session.

Shortcut. Enter your username at the right-hand side in your Spotify window, and then select “Private session” to tick it. This will selecting it.

The identical blue lock icon beside your username, indicating that you’re in an encrypted session.

Another semi-shortcut is to open an encrypted session on a PC. Click the ellipsis symbol (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner. Choose ‘File’ from the drop-down menu and then click ‘Private session’.

Click on the checkbox while the lock symbol will be displayed right next to your username.

Start a Spotify Private Session on Mobile

There’s no quick way to create an exclusive music session using mobile phones. There’s a simple method to do this via Spotify settings. To begin a private session on your smartphone first, you must open Spotify. After that, tap the icon ‘Settings’ (gear icon) in the upper right edge of your screen.

Go through the page ‘Settings’ to locate the section ‘Social. Tap on the switch next to “Private session to make it green.

Now you’ll be conducting a private session via the phone’s Spotify.

Disabling Sharing Spotify Listening Activity

A different option to private sessions isn’t sharing your listening activities to your fans. In private sessions you are not traceable for a short period of time. However, if you don’t share your listening activities the music you listen to is not traceable until you enable the setting.

Although this isn’t an indefinite setting however, it’s not as readily changeable on your computer. It’s the same process and the same time for your phone.

But, you’re able to choose only one of these choices. If you’re in an exclusive session you can disable sharing the listening activity of yours is not available and reverse.

You can disable sharing your music on your personal computer. Enter your username at the right of the top in the Spotify window. Choose ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu.

Then, go to the ‘Social section of the screen ‘Settings’ and select the toggle next to the option to share my listening activities on Spotify. The grey toggle signifies the deactivation of the option.

Your listening activity has been not being shared with your account.

You can disable sharing your listening activities via your mobile. Click the Settings icon (gear icon) at the top-right edge of the Spotify screen.

Go through the ‘Settings’ tab to the section titled ‘Social. If you notice that the switch next to the ‘Listening activity is green, tap it to make it gray and disable this setting.

Your listening activities across both platforms will remain yours for the duration of time.

There you go! How to start an individual session with your computer or phone, and the best alternative to it. You’re entitled to a lot of time with music and we hope that this guide has been helpful to get you started.