What is a Hashflag on Twitter?

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What is a Hashflag on Twitter?

Everything you must know about the disappearing and mysterious Hashflags.

“Hashflag, or a Hashtag?” – If you’re thinking similar to this and you’re thinking, “No it’s not an error. Hashflags are an actual thing and aren’t a brand trend that’s new. They’ve been in use for about a decade or more, and the most likely, you’ve seen them and probably used them as well. Maybe you did not know they were referred to as Hashflag. Hashflag.

Perhaps you recognize it from its less formal and well-known name – custom Twitter Emojis. No? Didn’t strike a chord? That’s alright! Here’s the complete information on the things these are.

Hashflags Explained

Everyone is familiar with Hashtags. Of course, you are. Hashtags are now the kings of social media, and have become famous by their frequent use on Instagram. You’ve probably heard of Emojis as well. They are used every day in our everyday lives. It’s difficult to imagine a life without them.

In Twitter, Hashflag is a combination of two – Hashtags and Emojis. Why is this a special reference to Twitter? It is possible to use Hashtags using Emojis on Instagram as well. What’s special with Hashtags on Twitter?

On Instagram they’re simply another hashtag. However, Twitter does not normally permit hashtags that include Emojis. Hashflags are unique in this way. They are only seen on certain occasions or events, and are not permanent. Poof is here one day and disappearing the following day! You can’t make them from thin air.

How do Hashflags Work?

Anyone can make use of a current Hashflag when tweeting. If you include hashtags while writing your tweet, suggestions appear. If there is a Hashflag that matches the Hashtag is present, you’ll notice it in your suggestions too. Tap it to activate it.

Just like Hashtags and a tap or click on the Hashflag will bring you to the tweets that use it.

Hashflags are available via the Twitter website and mobile apps. However, other apps from third parties like Tweetbot for instance do not have access to Hashflags. You’re only able to make use of Hashtags when tweeting with Tweetbot. Hashtag when tweeting with any other application.

Why is it that Hashflags are only used so often? Why can’t you find an emoji that matches any hashtag you’d like to use? Why can’t you add an emoji to the hashtag? There are many concerns about this nagging tiny bugger. The answer is Hashflags can be commercialized.

Twitter will charge you a lot for any Hashflag that you may like to design. You may have seen Hashflags for special occasions like for the Superbowl or the launch of the DC or Marvel film. You would certainly have loved the adorable baby Yoda Hashflag to announce the launch of Mandalorian.

Therefore, everyone should be able to make Hashflags on Twitter in the event that they have enough money and of course. Pepsi reported that they paid more than one million dollars for their Superbowl Hashflag. However, that was not the Superbowl.

Twitter keeps the pricing and process secretive. However, the figures provide an insight into the reason Hashflags are only seen by big brands and names. Hashflags were created to boost the engagement of a brand in the event of a major event that is coming up, such as an upcoming release date for a film.

Since it’s a unique marketing tool, it will go out of use when the event ends. Like advertisements, you are charged for the Hashflag duration. Therefore, any Hashtags that were previously Hashflags will change to pumpkins (Hashtags) again when the clock goes off at midnight. This is all very Cinderella-esque, If you ask me. This is also a reason why certain users find them difficult to understand.

Why is it Called a Hashflag?

Hashflags first came into use during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. They were flags of countries with each nation’s Hashtag. Therefore, even after Twitter introduced the Hashflag feature into commercialized version in 2014, the name was a constant.

There are also specially animated Hashflags that let the Like button pop up with animation when you click tweets with the Hashflag. However, there aren’t many of them available.

You can view the complete list of all the current Hashflags both expired and active at hashflags.io or hashfla.gs that documents them so that users can view them long after they’ve been removed on Twitter officially.

Hashflags are awesome and it’s awesome to be able to utilize them to share something you’re enthusiastic about. However, that’s not all that you are able to do. You’re only able to use Hashflags that others have made and you may even rent at present.