What Does Mirror My Video Mean in Zoom

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What Does Mirror My Video Mean in Zoom

The mystery of the flip side.

Mirror, on the phone My face doesn’t appear like that’. Are you aware of looking at yourself in the Zoom session and wondering why your other eye is arched, or why your right hand is moving while you lift the left arm? It’s quite a bit of a shock realizing that you’re not looking at the same version of person you think you are, but instead you’re. In other words your reflection that you’ve seen in the mirror for a long time.

Video calls made on Zoom appear to be reversed or are in the wrong place however, in reality they’re just the unmirrored image of yourself. This gives an idea of what someone who is on the other side of the screen will be seeing of you. They see a different image of you. They’re not on the same spectrum, as you and the other are on different sides. This is the reason the reason why their left is your right , and so on.

How do you mirror your video to Zoom

Click on the Zoom video settings and check the small box that reads “Mirror my Video” under the My Video settings. It will appear just below your video on the page for setting your video’s settings.

You’re now seeing an unflattering image of yourself. The image you see at every day in the mirror. There are no mistakes, no confusions Nothing. Simply you.