Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

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Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

A complete list of shortcuts to use effectively using Microsoft Teams for Windows, Web, and Mac.

Microsoft Teams is a free collaboration and communication platform that supports video and audio calls chat in the workplace files, personal messages, screen sharing, scheduling schedules and more.

Like any other app like it, Microsoft Teams is no different. Microsoft Teams app also provides numerous keyboard shortcuts that can assist you in working more quickly and efficiently. Keyboard shortcuts can assist users with mobility issues and visual impairments access Teams faster than using a mouse or touchscreen.

In this article, we’ll provide the complete list of keybindings that allow access to Microsoft Teams app in Windows, Mac OS, and Web.

General Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams app

General shortcuts allow you to perform routine tasks within the Teams app , such as opening settings, accessing search, opening an entirely new chat, etc. If you’re working with the Teams web application on an Mac computer, you can use command instead of Ctrl.

Action Windows MAC Web

Display Keybinding for Teams
Ctrl+. (dot) Command+. (dot) Ctrl+. (dot)

Go to Search
Ctrl+E Command+E Ctrl+E

Open Filter
Ctrl+Shift+F Command+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+F

Open Settings
Ctrl+,(Comma) Command+,(Comma) Ctrl+,(Comma)

View Commands
Ctrl+/ Command+/ Ctrl+/

Access the Goto
Ctrl+G Command+G Ctrl+Shift+G

Start with a brand new chat
Ctrl+N Command+N Alt+N

Zoom in
Ctrl+=or+ (Equals sign) Command+=(Equals sign) Ctrl+= (Equals sign)

Zoom out
Ctrl+- (Minus sign) Command+-(Minus sign) Ctrl+-(Minus sign)

Reset zoom level
Ctrl+0 Command+0 Ctrl+0

Open apps flyout
Ctrl+`(Accent) Command+`(Accent) Ctrl+`(Accent)

Open Help
F1 F1 Ctrl+F1

Diagnostic logs for downloading
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 Command+Option+Shift+1 There is no shortcut

Esc Esc Esc

Navigation Shortcuts for Teams

Action Windows MAC Web

Open Activity
Ctrl+1 Command+1 Ctrl+Shift+1

Access Chat tab
Ctrl+2 Command+2 Ctrl+Shift+2

Access Teams tab
Ctrl+3 Command+3 Ctrl+Shift+3

Open Calendar
Ctrl+4 Command+4 Ctrl+Shift+4

Open Calls
Ctrl+5 Command+5 Ctrl+Shift+5

Open Files
Ctrl+6 Command+6 Ctrl+Shift+6

Access the previous list item
Keys Left Alt+Up Keys Left Option+Up Arrow Keys Left Alt+Up

Get access to the next item on the list
Keys Left Alt+Down Keys Left Option+Down Keys Left Alt+Down

The team you choose to move up
Ctrl+Shift+Up key Command + Shift+Up arrow key There is no shortcut

Move the team you want to move down
Ctrl+Shift+Down key Command + Shift + Down arrow key There is no shortcut

Start History menu History menu
Ctrl+Shift+H Command+Shift+H There is no shortcut

Return back to the section before.
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Command+Shift+F6 Ctrl+Shift+F6

Follow into the following section
Ctrl+F6 Command+F6 Ctrl+F6

Meetings and Calls Shortcuts for Teams

Action Windows Mac Web

Video call
Ctrl+Shift+A Command+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A

Video call to start
Ctrl+Shift+U Command+Shift+U Ctrl+Shift+U

Make a phone call
Ctrl+Shift+S Command+Shift+S Ctrl+Shift+S

Start audio call
Ctrl+Shift+C Command+Shift+C Ctrl+Shift+C

Refuse the call
Ctrl+Shift+D Command+Shift+D Ctrl+Shift+D

Toggle mute (ON/OFF)
Ctrl+Shift+M Command+Shift+M Ctrl+Shift+M

Toggling Video (ON/OFF)
Ctrl+Shift+O Command+Shift+O There is no shortcut

To toggle fullscreen
Ctrl+Shift+F Command+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+F

Blur background in video calls
Ctrl+Shift+P Command+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+P

Share toolbar
Ctrl+Shift+Space Command+Shift+Space Ctrl+Shift+Space

Hands raised (screen reader)
Ctrl+Shift+L Command+Shift+L Ctrl+Shift+L

Let you raise the hand or decrease it during a the meeting
Ctrl+Shift+K Command+Shift+K Ctrl+Shift+K

Screen share start session
Ctrl+Shift+E Command+Shift+E Ctrl+Shift+E

Accept screen share
Ctrl+Shift+A Command+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A

Decline screen share
Ctrl+Shift+D Command+Shift+D Ctrl+Shift+D

Set up an event
Alt+Shift+N Option+Shift+N Alt+Shift+N

Save/send meeting requests
Ctrl+S Command+S Ctrl+S

Join meeting details from meeting information
Alt+Shift+J Option+Shift+J Alt+Shift+J

Allow people to be admitted from the lobby notification
Ctrl+Shift+Y Command+Shift+Y Ctrl+Shift+Y

Get current time
Alt+. (Period) Option+. (Period) Alt+. (Period)

Go back to the previous day/week
Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Key Command+Option+Left Arrow key Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Key

Next day/week
Ctrl+Alt+Right key Command+Option+Right Arrow key Ctrl+Alt+Right key

View day
Ctrl+Alt+1 Command+Option+1 Ctrl+Alt+1

View the workweek
Ctrl+Alt+2 Command+Option+2 Ctrl+Alt+2

Check week
Ctrl+Alt+3 Command+Option+3 Ctrl+Alt+3

Turn off the camera
Ctrl+O Command+O Ctrl+O

Messaging Shortcuts for Teams app

Action Windows Mac Web

Move Focus to Compose box

Open the compose window
Ctrl+Shift+X Command+Shift+X Ctrl+Shift+X

Text message (expanded compose box)
Ctrl+Enter Command+Enter Ctrl+Enter

Create with a new line of the message
Shift+Enter Shift+Enter Shift+Enter

Response to the thread

Tag or Mark as crucial
Ctrl+Shift+I Ctrl+Shift+I Ctrl+Shift+I

Attach an image
Ctrl+O Command+O Ctrl+O

Add emoticons
(word (word (word

Find chat/channel messages in the current chat.
Ctrl+F Command+F Ctrl+F

Focus away off of the chat on chat to the most focus-able message
Spacebar Spacebar There is no shortcut

Switch the focus away from the chat box in Chat List to compose box.
Enter Enter There is no shortcut

Focus your attention to the compose box using or the list of chats or right pane
Alt+Shift+C Option+Shift+C There is no shortcut

Focus on the chat list in left pane, or the compose box
EscorCtrl+L Command+L There is no shortcut

Move to the next object that you can focus on.
Tab Tab Tab

Go back to the previous object that you could have focused on.
Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Shift+Tab

Open context menu
Shift+F10 Shift+F10 Shift+F10

Create an entirely new chat using the chosen account
Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Enter

To include emoticons by using the (word shortcut found in the table enter ( (open the parenthesis) and then enter a word or write a description of the emoticons. Then Teams will display the options for you to select from.

That’s it.