How to Use People Chips in Google Sheets

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How to Use People Chips in Google Sheets

Incorporate People Chips into Google Sheets to tag a person in a cell to see their contact details and connect to them quickly.

The People Chips is a brand new feature that will be added in Google Sheets at end of 2021. It lets you tag someone from the Google Contact list inside a cell, and display the details of the contact when you hover on the person’s name. This feature is like Google Docs’ Smart Chip in Google Docs which lets you select individuals, emails, groups and more by typing an @ sign.

If you hover over the inserted People Chip (name) you will be able to see a variety of vital details regarding the person, including the title of their job, their location and contact information (email address, telephone number and so on.). The addition of People Chips is extremely useful for sending messages or emails or video calls, arranging meetings and assigning tasks to people straight from your Google Sheets cell. Let’s take a look at how to add and use People Chips in Google Sheets.

What are People Chips

People Chips are a component of the direction that Google Workspace is heading in through its Smart Canvas initiative. They provide important details about your contacts whenever they are hovered over, such as information about your contact details, last interactions, their calendar events, and easy ways to contact them.

While they are very similar to the smart chips found in Google Docs, they are restricted in their capabilities. It is possible to add only people or groups using people chips. People Chips option. The most important thing to remember is that they do not notify the person you add the person to the sheet. it’s not their intention. It’s not the case at the moment. Perhaps Google will include additional features in the near future.

You can modify the People chips by changing the size, color, as well as the font styles.

How to Insert People Chips in Google Sheets

Utilizing People Chips using Google Sheets is as easy as eating potato chips. It is easy to add people chips to Google Sheets in a few steps, either by using the menus or typing in ‘@’ into the cell.

Insert by Typing @

Then, choose an empty cell and then enter at the @ symbol. When you press”@”, you’ll be presented with a drop-down menu that will show you who you have last interacted with on Google Workspace.

Enter the name of the person or the initial letters of the name you wish to include in the People Chips in order to limit your search. Select one of the contacts from the drop-down menu under ‘POPULATE’ or ‘GROUP’.

Insert f rom the Menu

Another method of inserting People Chips is to click the menu ‘Insert’ and then selecting the ‘People Chip’ option.

You can now enter the initial letter of the contact’s name or their full name , and choose the contact from the drop-down menu.

Your personal chip will be placed into the cell you have selected.

Convert email into People Chip

You could also change the email address you typed into a chip for people.

Then, enter the email address into a cell in which you wish to place a chip for people.

After that, right-click the email address and choose the ‘Convert to People Chip Option.

If you have a collection of addresses for email in one column, each of which you want to convert into people chip names, simply choose the entire column, right-click it and choose the ‘Convert to people chip’ option.

Then, the chip will be placed into the chosen cell(s).

Notification: Cells with values other than email addresses will not be converted into People Chips.

Sometimes, even when you attempt to transform an email address into an individual chip you’ll see an error that is similar to this: ‘Cell B11 has an unvalid email’.

In these cases, you need to launch the Google ‘Contacts’ app and then click the ‘Create Contact’ button. After that, you can enter the required details into the profile of the contact and save the profile.

Then, try adding the people chip inside the chip for the people.

How to Use People Chipsin Google Sheets

If the contact is an account on Google account (Google Contacts) You will only be able to see their name as a individual and, if not, you’ll only get their email address in simple text. Once the chip for people is installed, you can move your finger over the chip to display the details regarding the person, such as email address, telephone number, the organization they work for and also ways to contact them.

Within the smart chip you can use ‘Send email”, “Send message” and ‘Start video call and schedule an Event’ options that allow you to contact the person directly within the cell. Select ‘Open Detailed View’ on your People Chip card to view additional details about your previous interactions with them in Google Workspace.

When you tag someone in the document, you’ll be able to see a prompt box in the corner of the window that states they aren’t able to access the document. Click the Share button if you want to share the access for the file with the tagged person.

How to Disable People Chips/ Revert the Chips to Email Addressesin Google Sheets

If you do not desire the smart chip and want to change to converting the People Chip into an email address, you can accomplish this in just two steps.

Choose the cell(s) which contain people chips. After that, right-click it, select the ‘View More Cell Actions Select the “Remove smart chip” option.

The people chips will now be displayed as normal email addresses within the cell.

That’s it. It’s that simple. People Chip functionality is pretty restricted at the moment and there’s nothing you can do with it.