How to Use Compatibility Mode in Microsoft Edge

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How to Use Compatibility Mode in Microsoft Edge

Access older websites without Internet Explorer with compatibility mode in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft plans to end Internet Explorer on June 15 2022. This has left a number of companies that depended on it in a bind. This is why the ‘Compatibility’ or “IE mode was added to Microsoft Edge to ease the burden on organizations who require backward compatibility with their existing websites and backend systems.

Since the launch of compatibility mode, users do not have to use multiple browsers , and instead depend on Edge. Additionally, this eliminates the requirement for a rapid redesign of the site.

Enable Compatibility (IE) Mode in Edge

To turn on Compatibility mode to enable Compatibility mode Edge Click on the ‘Settings and More icon in the upper-right corner, or press ALT + F to open the menu.

Then, choose “Settings” from the list of options available in the Edge menu.

There are now several tabs on the left. Select the default browser.

Under the heading ‘Internet Explorer compatibility’ select the drop-down menu beside “Allow sites to load using Internet Explorer mode’, and then select “Allow”.

It is necessary to restart your browser in order for the changes to be effective. To do this you need to click the Restart option that pops up.

The compatibility mode or “IE” is enabled in your browser.

Open a Website in Compatibility Mode on Edge

After you have enabled compatibility option or IEmode in Edge in the settings it is easy to open any website using this mode.

To view a web page in Compatibility mode or Internet Explorer mode using Edge, first open it in the same way you normally would. Then, right-click on the tab and choose Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode’ from the menu.

Any site that is open in compatible mode or IE mode will display an Internet Explorer icon displayed at the left side of the bar of navigation. Additionally, select ‘Done’ from the menu that pops up.

To leave the compatibility mode or IE mode of a site on Edge then, right-click on the tab and choose ‘Exit tab from Internet Explorer mode’.

Always Open a Website in Compatibility Mode

After you enable this mode to work, each time you visit a website you must switch the mode. It is possible to eliminate the requirement by setting the URL to be compatible mode over the course of 30 days.

When you visit a website and then switch into compatibility mode, an option will pop up with the identical. Simply enable the toggle to “Open this page using Internet Explorer mode next time then click “Done” to save the modifications.

You can check the list of sites or URLs that have been set to display in IE mode by clicking on the “Internet Explorer mode pages” section of the default Browser’ settings. The list includes both the date that the site has been added, as well as the date at which it will be automatically removed (on the expiration of the 30 days).

It is now possible to open and browse websites that work exclusively using Internet Explorer on Microsoft Edge. If you are looking to switch from Internet Explorer, the compatibility mode available on Edge is sure to be of use.