How to Use Color Picker in Canva

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How to Use Color Picker in Canva

Use the magic color picker to select any color in minutes.

The latest update to Canva’s software includes some of the most sought-after features ever. The platform, although excellent in its design capabilities for both paid and free versions, was missing in some tools. It was up to the challenge and accepted the demands of the popular crowd recently.

One of the features Canva introduces is, the tool for picking colors. It allows you to make use of colors already present on a page or design without the need to find them within your color palette. When your mixing colors in your Canva design it’s not necessary to waste hours trying to figure out the correct color. The pen icon will take care of that!

Learn how to make use of Canva’s latest feature which is the colour picker.

Opening the Color Picker

The tool for choosing colors can be located within the palette of colors. The process to open the color choices is slightly different according to the purpose of your design such as color-coded backgrounds, elements, smart mockups (backlink “What are Canva smart Mockups and how to use it’) and so on. We’ll discuss the most popular uses and the best way to use the tool for every.

When it is in line with to the background. Open the design or image and select the background option from the design options to the left.

Click the icon ‘Palette’ located at the top of the menu ‘Background. The icon will typically begin with the horizontal strip of color on the top of the menu.

When changing the color of an element. Most elements, including solid forms, graphics, lines and so on. typically have their own colors that you can further alter. Select the element you want to customize, click it, and then click on the color block that is located at the top. It will then open color customization options.

If you have several colors each color block will guide you to the color customization option, however, the personalization will only reflect on the color you have selected.

When changing the color of your text. Write your text in the style, then select the color you want to use. Click the button that has an A in capital letters and an underlined rainbow. This is the button that says ‘text color.

When using Smart Mockups. For a mockup that matches the colors to your style Click the customize icon (controls) in the middle of the mockup you want to use.

Then, click on the box in white (default color of the object if it has not been previously changed) under “Object”.

This is the most common requirement to alter the color of the design. No matter which route you take you’ll encounter the following.

Using the Color Picker Tool

Click on the ‘Add a new color’ ‘+ button that has an outline of a rainbow at in the middle of the color palette, under the heading ‘Document Colours’. This is the standard for every scenario.

Then, click the “pen” icon at the right on the colour scheme which will open the next. This is the tool for choosing colors.

A circular, pixelated color picker tool appears next. In addition to selecting a color from an design or image, you can also select every color you see on your website.

Use the tool to make sure that the square outlined in the center is in exactly the spot that contains the color you desire. After you have captured the color, you can tap the tool. A gentle touch could select the color and then change the color.

To take away the tool for color selection without making use of it, press on the Esc key.

This is how you can make use of the color picker tool in Canva. It’s an extremely useful tool that is user-friendly. Be aware of the sensitiveness of the tool and make sure you place it in the area that has the color you’d like to.

We hope you find the guide helpful and the tool and more!