How to Turn Off or Silence iMessage Notifications on iPhone

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How to Turn Off or Silence iMessage Notifications on iPhone

You can easily disable iMessage notifications that are bothering you.

Our phones are our constant friends in the present day. We all have phones with us, regardless of what we’re doing. When we’re at work or sleeping, or even contemplating, they’re always right next to us.

Sometimes, they be a major distraction. Particularly when you’re trying to concentrate and those irritating iMessage notifications continue to distract your attention.

Perhaps they’re not bothering you in any way and you do not want to be notified to send messages. There’s a simple method to block the messages.

Turn Off Notifications for Messages

It’s extremely simple to manage notifications for any app running on iOS. Notifications for messages aren’t any exception. Start your Settings application to your iPhone.

After that, select the option for “Notifications”.

Scroll through the apps until you see “Messages”.

To disable notifications completely to completely disable notifications, turn off the toggle for “Allow Notifications”.

Instead of completely removing notifications, you can alter the location and position in which you get the notification for it.

It is possible to display notifications in your Lock Screen, in the Notification Center and also as an image on the screen when the phone is not locked. By default, all of these options are selected. Select the options you want to remove to stop receiving notifications there.

You can also deactivate the three. This means that the message won’t be displayed anywhere on your phone, but you’ll only hear a sound notification. Anyone who is watching your phone will not know what the message was, however, you’ll know that you’ve received an update message.

Another option is’Sounds’. It can be used to reduce your impact on notifications that come from messages. However, you must keep the notifications on so that new messages are displayed on the screen, but they make no sound. Select the option ‘Sounds’.

Select “None” from the choices.

You can also turn off the vibration, so that you’ll get the notifications in a quiet manner. Click ‘Vibration’ on the top.

Select “None” from the choices.

Stop Notifications from a single person

Sometimes , you don’t experience problems with messages however, it’s one person who is constantly pestering your with messages.

To block that particular person, you don’t need to turn off alerts to all other messages. You can turn off notifications for one individual only.

Open the Messages app. Start the conversation thread for the person you wish to block notifications from. After that, tap the contact’s name or phone number at the top of the page.

Turn on the toggle to hide Alerts’.

Instead of squelching the notifications of messages you could also utilize Focus modes on iPhone when you want to silence notifications for a short period of time. Focus on iOS 15 also notifies people who are messaging you that notifications have been turned off. You can allow notifications to certain apps based on whether you’re at work at a desk, driving, or even at home.