How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome

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How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome

Switch off dark modes on Chrome in the event that you’re not making use of your smartphone in an dark area.

Dark Mode is one of the most popular features that was introduced in Chrome. It allows users to read the screen in dim light by reducing strain. the dark elements help make the screen appear and feel more attractive, and in devices that have the OLED display, this also aids in reducing the drain on battery.

With all the benefits features of the Dark mode, there is bound to be something wrong and there’s. First of all, a the white background provides better clarity for you, and secondly it is possible that you won’t be able to view the screen clearly when in dark mode if outside in bright sunlight.

Therefore, as an answer to these issues it is possible to switch off the dark mode when you are doing some reading or work outdoors in a sunny day. Whatever the reason switching off the dark mode is as simple as it can get.

Turning Off Dark Mode in Chrome on Desktop

It is possible to run Windows, Linux, or macOS The best part is that Chrome works exactly the same way across every platform. Furthermore changing your Chrome theme is essentially an easy two-step process.

To start, you must launch the Chrome browser by selecting it from the pinned apps in the taskbar Start Menu as well using the search function on it’s Start Menu.

Then, from the homepage, click the “Customize Chrome button that is located in the right-hand side on your display. It will reveal the overlay panel.

In the overlay pane, select the ‘Color and theme’ option on left-hand sidebars to proceed. Select the default color’ tile from the options grid and then click the ‘Done’ button in order to use the new theme. The changes will be effective immediately.

The theme will have changed to a light mode of your Chrome web browser that is installed on the device.

Turning Off Dark Mode in Chrome on Android

The ability to turn off the dark mode on a mobile device is essential because most of the time you will be using the device in direct sunlight , which could affect the view of the screen when the dark mode is switched on.

To access this, go into the Chrome app from either the home screen or from the drawer for apps on your device.

Tap on the menu icon for kebabs (three horizontal dots) found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Then, from the expanded menu, select the option ‘Settings’ to proceed.

Then, find and click on the theme option located in the ‘Basics’ section on the Settings screen.

Then, click on the “Light” option to immediately turn off dark mode, and then switch to light mode in Google.

That’s it! Chrome isn’t set to the light theme that is installed on the Android device.

Turning Off Dark Mode in Chrome on iPhone

The ability to turn off the dark mode on iPhone is a bit of an entirely different procedure from the Android counterpart. It isn’t possible to solely switch to the light mode on Chrome and you’ll need change the theme of your iPhone to disable darkness mode.

To change the theme of your system on your iPhone go into the Settings app on the home screen or the app library on your device.

After that, tap on the ‘Display and Brightness’ tab in the menu to proceed.

Then, tap the tile labeled “Light” to change the theme of the system to light.

It’s not enjoyable, especially when it’s simply to switch between the menus. Therefore, there’s a different method to switch themes quickly by with Control Center. Control Center on your iPhone.

Then, you can lower the control center by sliding downwards from the upper right corner of your screen.

Then, hold and tap the bar of brightness that is in your display. This will open an overlay pane that appears on your screen.

Find the ‘Dark Mode’ option in the lower left corner of your screen . tap it to switch off dark mode of your system.

These are the various methods to turn off the dark mode on all your devices in the event that you need to.