How to Total a Column in Google Sheets using SUM Function

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How to Total a Column in Google Sheets using SUM Function

Within Google Sheets, you can add or sum numbers, cells, ranges, columns or rows by using the built-in SUM function.

Summing or totaling numbers or cells is among the most fundamental and vital calculations you can do with the spreadsheet. For instance, summing the total number of items in an inventory or summing the cost of the shopping list, or summing the score of students on various tests, etc. The application of summing or totaling columns of values in spreadsheets such as Google sheets is endless.

Within Google Sheets, you can sum cells, numbers columns, ranges, or rows. Let’s look at how to sum a column by using the SUM function of Google Sheets.

How do you sum the contents of a Column within Google Sheets using the SUM function

It is the SUM function can be described as an internal function within Google Sheets that adds the provided numbers and calculates the total of these values. It is able to add the values that you input to the arguments for the function. They can be refer to numbers or ranges, cell references, or any combination of the three.

Two ways to enter SUM into the SUM function: selecting it from the Function menu , or entering it manually.

The syntax of the SUM function is:

=SUM(value1, [value2, ...])

The arguments for SUM’s arguments SUM function are easy to understand. The results can be numerical values, cell references or ranges.

How to Write a SUM Function in Google Sheets

Then, you must add the information in columns in your spreadsheet. Choose the cell in which you’d like to place the formula. This is where you’ll find the sum result. After that, you’ll need to type the equal “=” sign. Equals must always precede any calculation or formula. This will let Google’s Google spreadsheet know you’re ready to input the formula.

Then next, enter the formula =SUM( to begin the formula. Enter the range of cells (column) you wish to sum or select the cells you wish to add. For this to be done, click on the first cell in your column, and then drag it downwards until all cells have been selected. Then, close the parenthesis, then hit enter.


You will find the total amount of each column within cells in the formula (A14). If the range contains text value, it will be automatically not considered.

The functions generate dynamic results. This means that if you alter values within one of the cells, the result will be updated automatically.

It is also possible to add several adjacent columns. To select columns that are not adjacent simply press while holding your key Ctrl key, then select the column range.

Write multiple ranges inside the parentheses separated by a comma (,).

You can apply these methods to add rows and rows in the form of a Google Sheet. If you want to add one row, you simply need to input the row of values into the formula, not the column.

How do you sum an entire Column by using the SUM Function

If you have a lot of cells and you don’t want to drag the cursor across hundreds of cells. You could simply include the entire column into the formula.

For example, if you would like to include all columns C, use the formula below.


Be sure to not put the formula in the same column that you wish to add. In this case, “C:C” represents the entirety of C column.

How do you sum the Column within Google Sheets using the Function Menu

Another method to insert another way to add the SUM function is to use the Function menu on the menu bar and taskbar. This is how to do it.

First, choose the cell in which you would like to see to get the result. Then, navigate into the Taskbar and click on the “” (the Greek letter sigma) symbol in the upper-right corner of the page. In the menu of options,, select the “SUM” function.

A SUM() function will be added to the cell you have selected.

All you need to do is choose the column or range you wish to include and then hit enter.

The column’s total will be shown within the cell.

You can also include the SUM function using the menu bar in google sheets. To add it, simply select the cell in which you wish to input the formula and go towards the menu located at the top. Select ‘Insert’ from the menu bar, then select the option ‘Function’ from the drop-down menu, then select the function ‘SUM.

The function is added to the spreadsheet. Then, you can select or type the column you want to add.

Now, you are aware of how to sum up a column or columns using Google Sheets.