How to Test Microphone and Camera in Webex

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How to Test Microphone and Camera in Webex

Make sure you test your camera and microphone in order to ensure that you are safe during meetings.

There’s nothing more annoying than being on important calls, but the camera and microphone don’t perform as expected. You can still get by with a camera, but the microphone is a completely different matter. We all know that it’s not attractive when you are believing that everyone else on the line is not paying attention to the things you say.

When you realise the issue is with your microphone many important discussions could be finished without your involvement. The other participants in the meeting may even conclude that you’re not paying attention because you’ve not spoken a word. This is a difficult circumstance to find yourself in.

You can now save yourself the hassle of checking the microphone and camera prior to when you attend the meeting.

Join a Test Call

Participating in a test call via Cisco Webex is the most straightforward method to find out whether you have a problem with your camera or microphone. Go to to join a test call. Enter your email address and name and click the ‘Join the call’s button.

It will prompt you to launch it. You will need to open the Cisco Webex Meeting app on your desktop.

If you’re using the application installed, go to it. If not, click “Join in your browser” in case you don’t have the application and don’t wish to download it either.

A preview screen will appear. It should read “You’re unmuted and your video is on.” If the message doesn’t appear or is shown in a limited way, look at the microphone and camera buttons and ensure that they’re not lit up, i.e., your camera and microphone aren’t off.

If your camera is functioning and you’re in a position to view your image clearly. To activate the microphone, select the option ‘Settings’ on the right-hand side on the display.

You can test your microphone and speaker from here. For the microphone you can click the “Test” option on the right side of the speaker. The speaker will play a tune for you. If you hear it, everything is fine. If your microphone is functioning properly the meter beneath the microphone will flash when it detects the sound. Be sure to keep an eye on it and speak to it. If the light doesn’t come on it means there is an issue with your microphone that you must fix.

Then, join the test session to ensure that everything is working once you’ve joined the group.

Note: If you did not have the time to join an initial test call prior to your meeting time, you may conduct these tests in the “Preview” screen of the actual meeting you need to attend.

Testing During a Meeting

You examined your camera and microphone prior to attending the meeting, and everything was in order, but what happens is the next step if there are issues during the meeting. A camera that is not working properly is easy to identify the self-view screen will be empty. How do you determine whether it’s the microphone, or other people who are who aren’t listening?

It’s easy. It’s easy to test the microphone (and speakers as well) in a meeting. Select the ‘More Options’ icon (three dots) on the toolbar for meetings.

Choose ‘Speaker, microphone and camera in the menu.

The dialog box appears. It allows you to test the microphone and speaker to ensure that the operation is working properly. You can also test your camera here if your self-view window is reduced.

A functioning camera and microphone is the core of any online meeting and it can be a real pain when they cause problems in the course of a meeting. In order to ensure everything is working as expected in a meeting, it is essential to test the equipment prior to the meeting and correct any issues that may arise.