How to Show Your Picture in Zoom When Video is Off

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How to Show Your Picture in Zoom When Video is Off

Help others avoid the pain of looking at your initials every time your video has gone off. offer them your picture to look at instead.

Zoom is becoming quite well-known in recent times and users are embracing it to conduct video-based meetings to keep up with school, work, and even socially. It has, in truth proved to be a blessing, allowing us to keep at least some contact during COVID-19 epidemic.

However, not all people are comfortable with having their video feeds turned constantly on so the option to shut off your camera is available. However, when your camera is turned off by Zoom the majority of times, it resorts to showing your initials on the screen in its place and appears to be a bit unfriendly. The reason that Zoom displays your initials on video is because you have no profile photo uploaded, and Zoom will default to showing your initials as the display image.

If you’d like to display your profile photo rather than video footage, the solution is simple upload a profile photo, and Zoom will automatically display it when your camera is not in the course of a meeting.

How to Change Your Profile Picture in Zoom

To alter your profile picture using your Zoom Desktop client simply click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

After that, choose “Change my photo” from the menu that pops up.

The profile will be displayed in Zoom. Zoom web portal within the default browser you use. Select the ‘Change’ option in the profile icon.

The dialog box to upload your image will appear. Click the “Upload” button to upload a picture on your personal computer. You can choose an jpg, png or GIF image that is less than 2 megabytes as your image. Cut and choose the image. Also, you can see a preview of the way it will look on your right. Then, hit the Save button.

This image is added as your profile photo and will be displayed whenever you turn your video off in the course of a meeting.

It is also possible to make use of the Zoom mobile application to create a profile photo. Open the mobile application and then go to Settings’.

Tap on Your name in the upper right corner of your screen to display your the profile information.

The first option is “Profile Photo”. Click on it.

Select ‘Select from Photos Album to upload a picture from your phone’s gallery. You can also select the camera option to snap a new image with your smartphone camera.

If using your camera during video conferences isn’t an option for you however, you’d want your picture to be displayed instead of the video during Zoom meetings The solution is easy. Upload your image to your Zoom profile photo and Zoom will display the picture in default when the video is turned off.