How to Set up and Use Dropbox on Windows 11

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How to Set up and Use Dropbox on Windows 11

It is easy to share and sync folders and files with Dropbox effortlessly on the Windows 11 PC.

Dropbox is among the most reliable and oldest cloud-based storage services. It was launched in 2008 and it’s been providing an extremely user-friendly GUI as well as a pay-as-you-use subscription.

With the increasing use of the internet and our tendency toward the convenience of cloud storage cloud storage has eliminated the necessity of carrying physical storage devices for portable storage.

If you’re one of those who must transfer or send information to those who are around you often, or don’t always have your personal computer when traveling, Dropbox can do wonders for you by storing your data safely in the cloud only one click away.

Although you can access Dropbox directly on the site and also, you can benefit from features like automatic sync of certain folders, and notifications when other users modify shared documents only if you use the separate app for Dropbox.

Download and install Dropbox onto the Windows 11 PC

Installing and downloading Dropbox is a simple procedure that requires no effort on your part. Additionally, you can opt to install the stand-alone application on its official website or download the Dropbox application through Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store as well.

First, to download the standalone app of Dropbox, head to its official website using your preferred browsers and click on the ‘Download Dropbox’ button present on the webpage.

After the Dropbox is downloaded, go to the default downloads directory, and double-click the DropboxInstaller.exe to launch the installer.

The Dropbox installer will begin download and installation of the application on your computer. The process will take a while until it is complete. When the app has finished installing, it will open in an additional display on the screen.

If you don’t want to go through the effort, you can install Dropbox via Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store.

To access it, go into Microsoft Store. To do this, go to Microsoft Store either from the featured apps in the Start Menu or just simply look it up on the flyout.

Then, in the Microsoft Store window, type Dropbox in the search bar, then press Enter on your keyboard.

Then, click the “Get” button for downloading and installing Dropbox onto the Windows 11 PC.

Then, in the open window, sign into your Dropbox account, if there is one already. If not, create a new account by clicking the “Sign Up” button.

After you’ve successfully logged into your account, you will get an email confirming that the installation has been completed on your computer. Click the Next button to continue. If you want to alter your default Dropbox directory used for syncing files then click the ‘Advanced settings’ button . Browse the directory with the file Explorer.

In the following screen you’ll have to decide if you want to store all your files in the cloud, or if you want to keep an offline copy of your files as well. Select the ‘Make files locally’ tiles to save an offline copy. If not you can click on the ‘Make files online only tile to store them exclusively in the cloud. After that, click the “Continue with Basic/Plus” button to continue.

Then, you’ll have to select the the folders on your system that you want to sync, certain of them will be selected. To add additional directories, select the option to add folders. To delete any of the ones you have already selected select the checkbox that is next to each option. Once you’ve got your preferences for the folder set then click the button ‘Set up’ in the window to continue.

If you prefer, but don’t want to set any folders as of now to sync, simply click the button ‘Not Now’ located in the bottom right area in the windows.

If you decide not to create directories for syncing you will see an alert in your display. Take a moment to read it, then click the ‘Continue to Dropbox the button at the prompt to proceed.

That’s it! Dropbox isn’t installed in the Windows 11 PC. There will be an Dropbox folder shortcut on your desktop following successful installation.

Using Dropbox on Windows 11

Once you’ve set up Dropbox on your computer, you’ll have shared files and sync folders, and many more preferences to create. These tips will surely help you utilize Dropbox effectively.

Accessing Dropbox Directory

To gain access to your Dropbox directory, simply click the chevron on the right side of the taskbar. This will show the icons hidden. After that, click on the icon ‘Dropbox. It will open an option menu on your screen.

In the pop-up window Click on the folder icon located in the upper right-hand corner. This will display your Dropbox directory on the screen. Additionally, as the taskbar is accessible across all screens of Windows it is possible to make use of this method to swiftly navigate to your Dropbox directory.

Dropbox to share a file or folder Dropbox

To share files or folders quickly via Dropbox Click on the chevron on the taskbar to show hidden icons. Click on the icon ‘Dropbox. This will open an open display on the screen.

Then, ensure that the tab ‘Activity’ is chosen to show the latest additions to your folders and files. After that you can hover over the folder or file you want to save and you will be able to see a list of the actions that you can take. When you’ve found the file, click the share icon. It will display a new display on the screen.

Enter the name of the contact, a group’s name, as well as the address for the individual you want to transfer the files with. Then, select the drop-down menu next to the address field, and select the appropriate permissions for the file by clicking it.

Alternately, you can share the link by clicking the ‘Copy Link’ button. To change permissions for the link, simply click the link settings button.

Checking Dropbox Sync History

For a quick look of the history for syncs, simply click the Dropbox icon in the hidden icons area on the taskbar. It will display a pop-up display on the screen.

Then, click the tab ‘Sync History’ in the menu which will allow you to view all the recent synced folders and files to Dropbox.

Because you’ll be filling out your Dropbox folder with ever more files, and when you require a file in a hurry scrolling through a plethora of folders and files is not advised.

Searching in Dropbox

To find a file within Dropbox you need to click on the Dropbox icon that is located under the section of hidden icons of the taskbar.

From your pop-up, select the search icon at the top of the page.

Enter the name of a file or portion of it into the search box to begin the search. The search results will show all matches in the results window. Then, you can hover over the desired folder or file and take quick actions from there.

By following this easy guideline to install and utilize Dropbox to make your sharing of files and receiving more simple. Additionally, all of the documents you share with others are stored in one location where they can be accessed from.