How to Send a Microsoft Teams Meeting Invite

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How to Send a Microsoft Teams Meeting Invite

Invite attendees for your planned Microsoft Teams meetings and track the responses of attendees.

Meetings online can become tiring. Everybody knows that. As a host, you have the obligation to make the process smooth in the best way you can. The majority of that is not having meetings that are impromptu every day.

Everybody has many things to do. A heads-up prior to the event is not just courteous, but also professional too. It is fortunately simple to invite people to a Microsoft Teams meetings. If you plan a meeting using Microsoft Teams, you can invite attendees to join the meeting immediately.

NOTE: For Microsoft Teams Free and Personal accounts There isn’t a way to add attendees at the time of scheduling meetings. It is necessary to send the link to the meeting manually. The option of sending invitations to meetings is only available to Microsoft 365 accounts.

Click on the ‘Calendar’ tab in the navigation panel to the left.

Click the “New Meeting” button in the upper-right edge of your screen. A scheduling screen will appear.

The meeting should be given a name and choose the date and time for the meeting. After that, click “Add Required Attendees” to include the attendees you wish to invite to your meeting. It is possible to invite attendees from outside and within your company.

To invite members of your company, enter their names. Teams will offer suggestions from members of your company. Click on their names to join them.

To invite people who are not part of your company You’ll need to enter the full contact information of that individual. Enter the key when you’ve entered their email, or select the option to invite them for them to be added as participants to the meeting.

If you have a user who are not required to be present to be present, simply click the “Optional” button at the bottom in the box.

A new field will be added. Input the optional participants similar to what you did for mandatory attendees. For members of your organization you must enter their names and then choose the name in the Teams suggestions. For those who are not part of your organization, you must enter the email address of the entire member.

Teams also comes with an assistant for scheduling which lets you check your calendar against the calendars of other attendees (for who it’s accessible in any case) to determine an appropriate time for everyone. Click on the tab ‘Scheduling Assistant’ for assistance from Teams on how to choose the most suitable time.

After you have entered all the information in the calendar window, press the “Send” button.

An invitation will be sent out to all attendees (required and optional) or to the Outlook mailbox (for members of the company) or to their email address (for non-members). Participants can RSVP to the event and add the event to their calendar by with the invitation you’ve sent them.

You can view the RSVPs in the meeting information. To view the details of the meeting you need to double-click the event from the calendar. The tab for tracking is located on the right and displays the attendees’ RSVP status.

You may also invite additional participants to the meeting following the initial scheduling of the event. Access the meeting’s details in the calendar by clicking it twice, or choosing Edit in the menu for overlays.

Add the names and email address of the attendees to the ‘Required’ or “Optional attendees’ section. Then, click the “Send Update” button. Users who have already been added will also receive an invitation to join again.

You may also decide to cancel the meeting, and attendees will receive an email with an update that the meeting has been cancelled.

Details for the meeting are available. Click the “Cancel Meeting button in the left-hand side of the toolbar for meeting details.

The dialog will pop up. You can include a cancellation note in case you have a message that you want to send to participants. If not, just select the ‘Cancel Meeting and click the ‘Cancel’ button.

There you are. It’s easy to invite people to an Microsoft Teams meeting. All you have be able to add people you wish to invite into the event calendar. Microsoft makes it simple to monitor the status of your invites , or to cancel the meeting completely.