How to Secretly Chat with Someone on iPhone

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How to Secretly Chat with Someone on iPhone

Utilize the app ‘Notes’ for your iPhone to keep a secret chat without worrying about anyone finding out.

The first thing that prying eyes do when they gain the phone? You should check your messages, right? The majority of messaging apps that we use are well-known and anyone who is interested should first investigate the applications. Aren’t you scared of the idea of someone snooping over your private messages scary?

What If we told you that there’s a method to chat secretly with anyone via your iPhone with an app nobody even thinks of. The app ‘Notes’ which can help you in this scenario. Notes is a great app for private chats.

For a private chat with anyone, all you need to do is make notes and then share them to them via the Notes application. You can also send the note to multiple individuals. Any changes that you make to your note will be visible in immediately to all users granted access, creating a much-needed setting for a chat session. There is also the option of allowing one particular user (in the group scene) to view only the conversation.

Make a note and share it with someone else to start a Chat

To share notes with another user, simply tap the icon for ‘Notes’ located on your iPhone Home screen.

After you have opened the app ‘Notes Tap on the icon ‘New’ in the lower-right edge of your screen. This will allow you to create notes.

Create a subject in the uppermost note, and then write your private message beneath it. After that, tap the ellipsis in the upper-right corner to begin your sharing procedure.

A box will appear on the lower right of the screen, offering several options. Click on the “Share note option within the box.

Before sharing the note, it’s important to verify the permission given to the individual who you are sending the message to. To verify, click on the ‘Share Options at the bottom.

Because we’re sharing notes with the intention of chatting, make sure you select the ‘Can make modifications option is selected. Then, click on the icon ‘Share note’ at the top of the screen to return to the previous screen.

There are a variety of ways to share your message with someone you wish to chat secretly with. Choose a method that is secure and convenient.

If you’re making use of an instant message application or iMessage to send the note, ensure that both you and the recipient erase your message (in the messaging application) when you open the message in order to preserve the secrecy.

Using the Notes App to Chat

When the recipient receives the invitation, they will be able to access the note and write their message(s) beneath your note’s message. Any changes that are made to your note be reflected immediately for everyone who has access to the note.

The image below will provide you with an understanding of the idea and interface. The thread could continue for the length you wish to keep it going.

Get Chat Like Interface in Notes App

The app ‘Notes’ lets you customize the notes you share to increase the clarity and appeal of the message when several users edit the note.

In the shared note you’re using to chat secretly, click the icon ‘Shared’ at the top-right of the screen to see the different options for customization.

There are two customizable options in the list of users who have permission to access the notes. You can enable the toggle switches between Highlight All Changes’ and the ‘Hide Alert’s.

highlight all changes. This switch will highlight changes made by every user in various shades. This makes it simpler to make use of the note as chat sessions.

Block alerts. By default, whenever someone edits in a note shared with others you will receive an alert on your iPhone that could defeat the goal of the chat. If you enable the ‘Hide Alerts’ option and enabling it, Notes will not notify you when a note is updated. Notes application will not display an alert when a note has been updated or when there’s a change to the message within the note.

How to End the Chat in Notes App

To stop a conversation in the Notes application, you simply must stop sharing the note with others. To do this, click on the icon ‘Shared’ at the top of the screen to see the different users who have permission to access the notes.

In this section, you’ll see an overview of the users who have the ability to access this message on the top. Additionally, you must be able to access the “Stop Sharing option at the bottom. Tap on it.

NOTE: You may not be able to see the “Stop sharing” in the event that you’re not the one who created the note in the first place.

The window for sharing will close and a confirmation window will appear. Click on the button “Stop Sharing within the box to close the chat.

When you have stopped sharing the note, it will be removed from all devices of users who had previously access to it. But, you’ll be able to access it and read the note on your iPhone within the Notes app. To completely remove it you must erase the note as you would normally do with the other notepads on your iPhone.

Based on the information you have learned the art of secretly communicating with someone is now an easy task for iPhone users.