How to Save Zoom Meeting Chat Manually and Automatically

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How to Save Zoom Meeting Chat Manually and Automatically

2 ways to avoid the chats in meetings on Zoom

Chat in In-Meeting with Zoom is extremely useful. If you need to write agendas for meetings, or share information with participants in the meeting You can accomplish this by using meeting chats. You can chat with everyone in the meeting in a group, or engage in private conversations with individual participants provided, of course that there aren’t any restrictions set by the host of the meeting.

Zoom chats in In-Meeting are a fascinating feature. Zoom doesn’t save chats with meeting participants within the app as normal chats. It could be due to a security enhancement because the sharing of sensitive information could occur in meetings. Whatever the reason, the main point is that chats during meetings aren’t saved to Zoom in a way that is automatic.

You may have seen the term “automatically” sneaking into the conversation earlier. It is exactly what you imagine it to mean. It is possible to save video chats in meetings on Zoom by hand.

Some Things to Know Before Diving In

Chats in-Meeting can be saved by attendees of the meeting, provided that the host has not turned off the option to save the chat for all participants. Only those chats can be saved that you are able to view. This means that you only save private chats you participated in as well as the group chat that included everyone who was in the meeting. This means that you don’t need to be concerned about private chats.

The chats in the meeting is able to be stored locally on your PC or transferred onto the cloud. You can also set up automatic saving for chats in-meeting.

Notification: The option for saving chats in the cloud available only to users who are licensed.

Now that you’re done, let’s get into the action!

How to Manually Save a Zoom Meeting Chat

To save the meeting chat to Zoom Click on the chat icon on the toolbar for calls to display Chat screen. Chat window should open to the right of the screen, and the chat window will show the meeting chat.

Scroll down to the lower part in the window of chat, and then click to the “More” button (three dots) located on the right of the window housing the ‘To’ option.

Within the contextual menu choose ‘Save Chat’.

Chat is stored as a text file locally on your computer automatically. The default location for the file is C:Users[Username}DocumentsZoom [Folder with Meeting Name, Date and Time]

How to Save a Zoom Meeting Chat in the Cloud

Saving the meeting in manual mode will always save it to your computer. If you don’t wish to store the conversation locally on your computer, you have the possibility of saving it to Zoom cloud. Zoom cloud.

If you are a member of an account with a Pro Zoom Account, go to your Zoom Web Portal and log into your account. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu navigation on the left.

Within the setting, click on the tab ‘Recording’.

Scroll down , and then under the section ‘Cloud Recording select the option “Save chat messages from the webinar or meeting’ to turn it on. The changes will be saved the chat messages automatically.

If this option is turned on when this option is enabled, you can save the Chat to Zoom Cloud. The chat that is saved to the cloud contains messages that were sent to all participants when you were recording the chat in the cloud.

To begin recording to the cloud within the Zoom meeting, press the button ‘Record’ on the toolbar for the call, and then select ‘Record to Cloud from the menu.

When you end your recording process, the chat takes couple of seconds to process, after which it is available to you. To view the recorded chat saved in the cloud click the tab ‘Meetings’ on Zoom’s Desktop Client.

The next meeting will begin. Change to recording meetings instead. All recorded meetings will be displayed. Find the meeting you wish to join the chat from and then click the ‘Open’ button.

It will open the Zoom Web Portal will open and all meeting recording files will be displayed. Click on the chat file to open the chat file that has been saved.

How to Automatically Save Zoom Meeting Chats

If you often save video chats in meetings, you can set auto-saving to it so that you don’t need to deal with the process of saving chats manually each time. Start Zoom’s Zoom Portal on the Web Portal and select Settings in The navigation menu.

In addition, click on the button ‘In Meeting (Basic) On the menu that is sub-navigation in the Settings page.

After that, you can enable the toggle for “Auto saving chats”. If this feature is turned on then the chats that you have had will be saved automatically to your computer.

If you wish to save chats each once to your Zoom cloud, instead then you must enable auto-recording on the Zoom Cloud.

Within the Settings on the Zoom Web Portal, go to the tab ‘Recording. Scroll down for a bit within the recording settings to locate the setting for Automatic Recording. Turn on the switch for it. Choose the ‘Record in the Cloud option, then select ‘Save’ to alter the settings.

All your meetings will be stored in the cloud, along with the chats during meetings.

Zoom’s in-meeting chat is a peculiar feature that results in it not being automatically saved in the app. However, it allows you to set your account’s settings to save the chat either directly to Zoom cloud or to your personal computer as a text file , or both, if you prefer.