How to Save Instagram Reels to Camera Roll on iPhone

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How to Save Instagram Reels to Camera Roll on iPhone

If you’re looking to save your reel or that of someone else’s onto the iPhone camera roll This guide will help you figure out the best way to do it.

Reels may not have been the original Instagram concept. However, they’ve taken off and have become an integral component of Instagram. If you enjoy making and sharing them, or just watching them, you’ve to be awed by these.

It’s normal to want to add a reel onto the camera roll regardless of whether it’s a reel that you created or one you discovered on Instagram and adored so much. Making reels is a simple task and requires only two taps. However, if you wish to save a reel of someone else it’s not as simple. There’s no option that is available, as it involves a complex copyright violations. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, but you must be cautious in a potentially gray area. Therefore, whatever it is you’re looking for here Let’s get to it and discover it.

Saving your reel onto the camera roll

Given the effort and time you put into to make a reel, it is only natural to be sharing it on other social media profiles, too. It’s a good thing that Instagram makes downloading reels an easy piece of cake. The only downside? The reel you download will be adorned with an image of watermark that is that of the username you use, the audio employed, as well as Instagram’s Instagram icon. When you make reels, the majority times the audio you choose to use is owned by another person, which is why you will see the watermark you download legally.

For saving a reel onto the camera roll of your iPhone start the Instagram application. Go to the tab ‘Profile’ located in the lower-right corner on the display.

Click on the “Reels” tab on your profile, then select the reel you wish to save.

Tap the ‘three-dot menu’ located at the bottom-right edge of the reel.

A few options will appear in the display. Select the “Save to camera roll” option in the menu.

NOTE: Take care to select the “Save to camera roll” option, not the Save option. This will only create a reel for your collection of posted posts saved on Instagram but not to the camera roll.

That’s all there is to it. It will take a few seconds , but it will save the film to the camera roll.

Saving a Draft

Saving a reel that you’ve already shared is simple, you may like to keep a reel, but not sharing it with your followers. Instagram allows you to save any reel drafts you like, however saving these drafts to your camera rolls can be somewhat difficult. When you save a draft to the camera roll you won’t be able to save it using the audio. It can only be saved without audio. To download it using the audio, first you’ll need to share it with others.

To save drafts, go to the tab ‘Reels’ from your profile on Instagram and then tap the thumbnail that says Drafts. Select the draft you wish to save.

The screen to share the draft will appear. Select Edit located in the upper-right corner the screen.

The preview of the reel will start. Click the Download button on near the bottom of the page.

The message that states that video files will be downloaded but without the audio will be displayed in the display. Tap Save for downloading the movie.

Saving Someone Else’s Reel

If you adored the reel of someone else so much that you’d like to download it and share it with others, you’re in a more difficult situation involving copyright violations. Resharing and saving someone else’s reel without their permission is legally and ethically illegal. If you want to save a reel, there are several options. You can either utilize the screen recorder feature in your iPhone or make use of an app from a third party or website.

NOTE: If you want to save only the reel to go back and watch it anytime You can also bookmark (bookmark) it to Instagram. For saving a reel, select the three dots menu, and then select Save from the menu. Then, you can access it in the saved area of your account. And you’ll be able to access it on any device that you’re using your account on. However, it won’t be accessible offline on your device.

Make use of the Screen Recorder feature on your iPhone

iPhone comes with a screen recording tool you can capture and then save your reels onto the camera roll. It is accessible from Control Center. Control Center, but if you don’t have it in one of your controls, you’ll need to include it.

To connect it to Control Center, to add it into Control Center, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down, then select the Control Center’.

Go to the section ‘More Controls then tap on the plus sign to the left side of the ‘Screen Recording’ tile.

It will be moved to the “Included Controls section. It is possible to rearrange its location within the Control Center if you want.

When you come across an image on Instagram you wish to archive, simply swipe it down from the upper-right corner your screen, or swipe upwards from the lower part of the screen (depending on the device you’re using) to open Control Center. After that, select the option for Screen Recording.

iOS will show the reverse countdown for 3 seconds. At this point you must shut down the Control Center so the reel appears on the screen once the timer is over and recording begins. Be sure to ensure that the reel’s audio is turned on when you record.

After you’ve finished recording after you’ve finished recording, tap the red bar which indicates it’s recording going off to end the recording.

After that, press “Stop” from the confirmation message that appears in your display. This reel is saved in your camera roll, where you can edit it or cut the middle or beginning of the video , if you wish.

Use Third-Party Websites or Apps

Screen recording is not without its disadvantages. All of the information on the screen will be included in the video downloaded; which includes username, caption, as well as comments, like, and share buttons.

If you’re looking for a simple download, you can make use of third-party applications or websites for downloading it. It is also possible to use them to download your personal reel with no username watermark. There are a lot of options on the market, making it impossible to choose the most effective application or site. However, here are some suggestions that we have found to be simple to use.


Kapwing can be described as an online editor that allows you to download an Instagram video Instagram to edit and modify it. With Kapwing it is not just possible to download reels from Instagram and also edit it during the process. You can also download a handful of videos every month with no watermarks, when you sign up using an account that is free. It is also possible to save videos on your PC as well as Android devices.

To begin navigate to the reel you wish to download, then tap the three dots menu located in the lower-right corner.

After that, select ‘Copy link in the menu overlay.

Go to from any browser on your iPhone. After that, tap Sign in to sign in using a Google account or to create an account for the first time. Click ‘Get Started’ or Create a new project when you have signed in to start.

Click on the box that reads “Paste a URL” and paste the URL for the reel that you downloaded from Instagram.

The video will begin to load when you copy the URL. It may take a while to load however. After it’s loaded and you see a blank display instead of the movie, click the tab ‘Media’ and you’ll see the video there.

Click the movie to play it.

If you’d like to edit and trim your video footage, then you are able to edit it in the editor. If not, click the ‘Export option in the upper-right corner.

It will take a couple of seconds to process. After the process is complete you can scroll to the bottom and click the option to download it to save the file to the camera roll.

The video downloaded won’t contain any information such as username or email address. from Instagram. It will not have the Kapwing watermark when you sign in to download it, and you downloads aren’t marked with the Kapwing watermark left.

InstDown for Instagram Reels

InstDown to Instagram Reels can be described as an application that allows you to upload any reel onto your camera reel. Visit the App Store and search for the application. After that, click “Get” to install it on your phone.

After installation, visit Instagram then copy and paste the URL for the reel you wish to save.

After that, you can open the application you have installed. If you see any pop-ups about tracking, select the appropriate option. When you arrive on the homepage of the application the video you saved the link to will be displayed. Click the “Generate” button.

It will then be added to your queue. You can verify the status of your download by clicking on the tab ‘More’ on the toolbar at the lower right.

After the download is completed The reel will be visible in the camera roll. There are no usernames or watermarks on the video you download.

The short versions of content have risen to the top of the charts. Whatever the reason you are seeking to get a reel, we hope this guide will help you and assist you in achieving what you’re looking for.