How to Remove a Website/URL from Chrome Suggestions in Address Bar

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How to Remove a Website/URL from Chrome Suggestions in Address Bar

The auto-complete feature of Google Chrome is a time saving feature. When you type an address on the internet it will show the suggestions of your browser history based on the words you type into your address field.

Imagine that you’ve typed incorrectly an URL and it is constantly re-populating Auto-complete’s suggestions. This could be a problem when you’re trying to get through your work. Eliminating them will be the best way to end these suggestions. Let’s see what we can do to remove URLs and web addresses from the Chrome’s Address Bar’.

Delete a Website/URL

Start Google Chrome and type a couple of letters from the website you wish to remove in the suggested URLs. The URL will be displayed as suggestions. After the suggested URL you will notice an ‘x’ symbol like on the picture below. Click on it. The URL will disappear from the list of suggestions.

If you don’t, when you look at the suggestions, you can highlight the URL that you would like to delete using the an arrow on your keyboard. Then press the SHIFT and DELETE keys.

Clear Browsing History

Clearing your browser history in Chrome By clearing your browsing history on Chrome, you (can) eliminate all URLs from the autofill of Chrome and its suggestions.

To erase browsing history from Chrome you need to click the three dots button on the toolbar, choose History, then click the History tab, as shown in the picture below. Alternately, use the keys Ctrl and H to access History. History page.

On on the History webpage, simply click on “Clear browsing data” from the left-hand sidebar.

The dialog that opens choose the appropriate time period and then click on the link next to “Browsing history” and select the ‘Clear data button.

Removing Files Manually

If, for whatever reason, the methods above are not working, copy or paste the following path into the address bar for Windows Explorer. bar and hit Enter.

In the place of the word "username" within the URL, enter in your username on your computer.

C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault

There will be many folders and files within the folder. Look for the ‘History’ and “Web Data’ files , and then remove the files.