How to Queue Songs on Spotify

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How to Queue Songs on Spotify

Get your groove on without interruptions by putting your tracks on Spotify

Queuing music is similar to making an playlist, but it’s an easier way to listen to your music. Queuing can help keep the music going. It doesn’t disrupt musical flow, thereby interrupting the flow of emotions and reactions.

Music queued on Spotify can come in an arrangement of songs that is pre-arranged and also a custom-made order. If the music queued is pre-arranged, it’s or is shuffled between playlists or entirely randomly which is beneficial as you have the chance to discover new songs. With the option to customize your order you can choose the order in which your music plays and thus predict the route of shuffle in a manner.

Here’s how to queue music for your computer as well as your mobile phone.

On both devices, any track would be played by the queue until it was removed. This means that individual music and songs from playlists will be played by queued songs. If you decide to play a playlist in shuffle mode, also, the queued tracks will be played first before moving music from the playlist.

Queueing Music on Spotify for Desktop

Spotify is known to offer its own shuffle playlist whenever you press the Next option on the two devices however you’re able to view the playlist on your personal computer. This is why we’ve separated the process of the queueing of music on your computer into two parts – queueing Spotify’s shuffle playlist and manually queueing songs from various playlists.

Music Queuing from the Shuffle List on Spotify.

Start Spotify on your PC and play a single song and not from any playlist. Then, click the button ‘Queue’ right next to the player at the end in the Spotify window to see whether the music in Spotify’s queue is available.

If you spot an unending stream of music then proceed onto the next stage. If you aren’t able to find any queues, click the ‘Next’ button in the music player. This will activate Spotify’s shuffle mode regardless of whether the shuffle button is on or off. You can also wait until to hear the song next.

You will now be able to see the vibrant selection of music in the Spotify queue. You can choose to queue tracks from this list, or let it play on its own.

To add a song to a queue you need to hover your mouse over the song until you find the ellipsis symbol (three vertical dots). Then, select the “Add to queue” option in the menu dropdown.

The songs that are queued will be listed under the heading ‘Next in queue’. This allows you to select the songs you like from Spotify’s shuffle playlist instead of following the entire of Spotify’s playlist. You can also add tracks to the queue currently in use by importing playlists from different sources (the method is explained in the following section).

If you wish to get rid of the queue to start new, click the button ‘Clear queue’ next to the ‘Next in queue’ title.

The process of clearing the queue is a definitive decision. It is impossible to reverse the effort and time you put into arranging your music. Spotify can remind you about this. If you’re sure, you want to go ahead, click “Yes”. In the event that you are not sure, you could at any time cancel the procedure.

The positive side is that all tracks will return to their original places on Spotify’s shuffle list. You can rework your queue, again.

If you do like the Spotify playlist, but require a few changes such as removing a track simply hover your mouse over the song and select ‘Remove from queue’.

To alter the order in which the songs are placed you can drag and release the individual tracks in the order you prefer.

Manually Queueing Songs

It’s the situation where you come across an empty queue list , but do not click the Next button and waiting for the next song to begin. This is the same procedure however, here you’re responsible for choosing and then storing your music. This means you have more control over the music you queued rather than selecting from a pre-made Shuffle playlist.

Find the song you wish to queue, and then hover your mouse over it. Then, click on the ellipsis symbol (three vertical dots) and then click the Add to queue option. It’s appear as the first option in the menu.

The same procedure applies to every song you wish to add to add to your queue. You can personalize your music queue using the same method as we’ve discussed earlier. You can also use this method to add music that isn’t in Spotify’s shuffle list.

Queueing Music in Spotify Mobile App

The queueing of songs in your phone’s Spotify might be a bit different. Spotify does not always provide the order of songs that follow the Next option on the phone. If it does it, the ‘Queue’ option might not be available in all cases. Therefore, you can’t play songs from the shuffle playlist on your phone, unless the device has Spotify linked to your PC. It is just a typical situation, but it may be different between various phones.

Start Spotify on your smartphone and select a song from a playlist or album that you want to queue. Individual songs (songs chosen from the results of a search) might not be queued (happened on Android phones). Then, tap the symbol of an ellipsis (three horizontal dots) next to the song you wish to queue.

Click the ‘Add to queue’ option on the menu that is coming up.

You can make a queue of as many songs regardless of order (you can alter the order at any time) and they’ll all be displayed below the “Next in queue” section.

To change the order of the queued list to change the order of queues, hold the hamburger icon (three vertical lines) close to the track and move it to the proper position.

Every song played in the queue will be played. The queue on both devices will not reappear after it’s been played. If you stop your music prior to the queue being completed or select a song that is not in the queue, your queued music will become the primary music.

To take a song off the queue, simply tap on the empty circle that is in front of the song and tick it off. After that, tap the ‘Remove option in the lower right corner, to take the song off the queue.

If you wish to add this song into your queue press the Add to queue button in the lower right corner. The song will play in loop when placed in a queue and play it twice or more when reordered.

If you want to clear the queue completely, click the button ‘Clear queue’ in the upper right-hand edge of the ‘Next in queue’ title.

That’s it! That’s how to queue music on both your mobile and computer. Be aware that you can play a song , and then queue it up or vice versa for both devices.

We hope that you find our information useful. Add some amazing numbers to your list and rest assured that you will not let the energy slip away.