How to Play 8 Ball Pool Game in iMessage on iPhone

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How to Play 8 Ball Pool Game in iMessage on iPhone

Have fun playing pool with your friends while texting on iMessage

Do you remember the time when you would hang out with your friends or play Pool with your friends and all was fine all around? It’s hard to find time anymore to get together however, those days aren’t over. It is possible to play the 8 Ball Pool game with your friends on iMessage on your iPhone.

Apple introduced games into iMessage in iOS 10. However, a lot of users aren’t aware of this feature. With games included in iMessage, you can play games with your friends directly on the chat screen and even chat with them at the same time, without needing to switch between various apps.

For you to play 8 Ball Pool in iMessage it is necessary install the app on the App Store.

View on the app store

You can also download the game via within the Messages app. Start a conversation, then click on the App Store icon. Find ‘8 Ball Pool in the game store and then install it.

Once the game has been installed it will be placed to the bar of apps within iMessage. Click to the left of the bar until you find it, and tap it to start it.

The interface for the game will be displayed beneath the bar of apps. Click on the ” Make Game button to start an online game with a partner.

The game will start within the Message box. Click on the Send button.

Once your friend is online that you are with them, it is possible to play an 8 Ball Pool game in the iMessage app while you chat at the same time.

If your friend isn’t online you can play the game with a live player while you wait to see your buddy. Click on the “Let’s Play 8 Ball Pool’ message you have sent to your friend to start the game.

In the dialog box that says “While you wait, why not play someone live now” Click the Play Now’ button to play the game against a random opponent.