How to Mute Zoom Audio Without Muting Computer

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How to Mute Zoom Audio Without Muting Computer

Simple hack to muffle the host of the Zoom Meeting

Zoom is now the preferred software for all types of conferences and business meetings in 2020. This is why it’s clear that as more features are used, comes more effectiveness. There are a lot of options on your personal computer and Zoom Zoom which are not being utilized because of the absence of data. In this case hacks like this can are a great option.

One of the issues that needs an inventive solution is to mute Zoom audio without having to mute your computer. When you are in Zoom meetings it is possible to reduce the volume could be confusing as it can result in lowering the computer volume in a group. The method to resolve this out is quite intriguing because it’s clever and extremely easy to implement.

The Zoom Audio is muted without turning down the Computer Volume

The easiest method to master to improve the Zoom experience more effective is to simply utilize Windows 10’s “Volume Mixer feature in a more detailed manner. If you are on the phone and your Zoom call is active you can right-click on the sound icon located on the right-bottom of the Windows Taskbar and click upon the “Open Volume Mixer” option from the menu that is expanded.

A Volume Mixer interface that offers a variety of customizable volume settings for various applications will appear. Choose one of the options, for example: click on the Zoom Meeting volume bar among them, and then click on the Sound icon located at on the right side of the bar. This will turn off the Zoom audio during the meeting without affecting the volume of your computer or audio in any other program.

These hacks could save the day in certain circumstances, so the process of learning them is never useless. If you’re on an Zoom meeting next time when the requirement to turn off your Zoom meeting comes up, simply follow the steps outlined and you will be able to get your Zoom meetings to run more easily.